Bookmarked Late Night Isn’t Impressed with Trump’s Cognitive Dissonance by Trish Bendix

“It was impressive until they asked Trump what he ate for lunch that day and he said, ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV,’” Jimmy Fallon joked after the president once again bragged about his cognitive test results.

I really enjoyed this summary of responses from Colbert and Fallon. However, my favourite response was the remix to Daft Punk’s Harder Faster Better Stronger:

Oh, and there is always Sarah Cooper:

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Here is my contribution to #tdc3026 I call it Meg Lee, a combination of The Meg and Johnny L’s cover of Ben Lee’s song We’re All in This Together

Replied to Glitch, Remix, a #NetNarr Exquisite Corpse (CogDogBlog)

There you go, try guess the nature of this blog post from a word heavy vague title. Better yet, just go first and try the thing I will be ‘splaining right here. Well, are you back? Did anythi…

I always love how you unpack your projects Alan. The story game is another great introduction to Glitch as a replacement for Mozilla Thimble.
Listened Cook Cut Damage Destroy by Prop from

Cook Cut Damage Destroy

Over a year in the making, this album is more than just a collection of remixes… it’s a diverse, yet cohesive collection of collaborative electronica. The album features the fusion of Prop’s marimba and vibraphone section with cut up electronica and dubbed out glitchy rhythms, experimental looping and for the first time in prop’s life… vocals.

I loved Prop’s album and was always fascinated how of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes transitioned from the blended soundscapes to the pumping tunes that they write as The Presets. This compilation provides some insight. It is made up of a series of remixes from artists all over the world, including the Presets.

Different from Gotye’s Mixed Blood album or Jack Antonoff’s Terrible Thrills series which are more traditional covers, this album is something of a reimagining. Not only are the sounds different, but often the original structure is also thrown out. This is made because of the absence of any vocals guiding the original tracks.

I never knew it existed and am glad a stumbled upon it as I looked for tracks on Google Music.