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I wonder if these are an alternative to IndieBlocks or something else.


I remember reflecting upon Ton’s concern about Post Kinds lock in a few years ago.

Without the time and patience to develop my own fully fledged solution, I have instead taken to kind of living in both worlds by manually including the quote part of the respond property within my post. My reason for this is because I feel that this often adds context to the post, especially when displayed as a comment.

In addition to this, I have created my own buttons in the text editor to add ‘reply’ or ‘like’ to a link. I often use this as a means of displaying bookmarks etc in the comment section of a linked post, rather than displaying as a pingback. For example, this comment will display beneath my response to Ton’s original post.

Regarding Blocks and Classic, I am still live two worlds. I use blocks for my long post site and classic for this site, therefore I have not really dived into IndieBlocks. However, I probably should have a look. But to be honest, I think a part of me holds hope that David might one day integrate the response box into the content or provide an export tool.

For now, I plod on.

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Following a link from Brad I saw the lovely Making Websites Should Be Easy and then the handy What is a feed? (a.k.a. RSS) | About Feeds. Add a link to the last to my sidebar.

John, I really like your idea of including something like Matt Webb’s ‘What is a Feed’ link on my site as reference for wayward visitors who have stumbled off the highway. I like the idea of a newsletter as a feed, rather than another email.
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Montage of coverts of 7 books in a strip: Demon Copperhead Hungry Ghosts The Apparition Phase The Secret History The Seven Moons Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow You Have a Friend in 10A
According to my Books page, I read 43 books last year, three less than the year before year. A list of 5 star books (weight by my enjoyment, pretty vague) using the lovely display posts plugin. Read Demon CopperheadRead: Hungry GhostsRead: You Have a Friend in 10ARead: The Apparition PhaseRead: The Secret HistoryRead: The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida

Happy new year John. Is Display Posts a combination of ShortCode and code snippets added to your theme or just ShortCode? Also, is you books page created using Display Posts too?
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John, I somewhat agree with your preference for RSS over the social feed. Personally, I use Granary to actually bring Mastodon into my feed. For me, this allows me to become less of a slave to the ever current stream. I sometimes wonder though if this is bad faith as I assume I am not nessecarily following the rules on the packet, this can mean engaging in conversations out of time.
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Great to see this script used in the wild for the first time John! And good to see it just works. Well, sort of. I’m glad you had the authorization

This seem so promising Frank and John. I have followed Drummer with intrigue, read Amit Gawande’s breakdown, but wondered where it fits with my current practices. I was intrigued by the connection with Micro Blogs. However, it was not until your post sharing the ability to connect with WordPress that I started to properly think about how I might use Drummer. I can imagine using it for ‘micro’ posts, but as you touch on, I am still unsure how this fits into with things like Post Kinds etc.

I guess I will have to start playing.

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Given that we have just enabled blocks on Glow Blogs I am glad classic will continue to be supported. I am still on classic here too.

John, that is good news.

One of the interesting aspects to having two sites is running two different setups. I still use the Classic Editor Plugin for my Collect blog and have started tinkering with Gutenberg in my main blog. I find blocks really cumbersome and appreciate Tony Hirst’s sentiments. I actually often carve out my posts in my Collect blog and copy the contents across, but the translation to blocks can be rather frustrating. On top of that, I am not sure where it leaves Post Kinds, which I guess is the point Ton Zijlstra is trying to make.

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The latest version of Semantic-Linkbacks has fixed facepiles on my blog. I always grateful, even though I don’t do much about it for all the work of the #Indiweb and #WordPress developers.

I agree John. I help where I can, but it never really feels like enough.
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The RSS feed from Glow Blogs is not optimised for podcasts so I used Feedburner to create one. You need a google account to set up on Feedburner. Once you have done that you add your RSS feed from your blog to Feedburner and tick the podcast box.

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A couple of days ago I noticed the webmentions from bridgy had stopped coming in to this blog. It took me a while but I eventually noticed that the icons an links to syndicated posts were not showing up on my posts.

I really like your point John about ‘technical debt’:

I am again reminded about the technical debt in using IndieWeb technologies on this blog without the full understanding of what is going on.

I recently went looking for where I changed the footer of my blog to update the images. Spent thirty minutes looking. Gave up.

I am still glad I do it, but I do sometimes worry. On the positive side, it really helps with my work in supporting others and thinking of what questions to consider. Also highlights the importance of clear documentation.

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I too missed John’s search tool. Thank you for sharing it Ian. I think it is a reminder why it is useful to have multiple points of reference for ideas and information.

This has me thinking about Chris Aldrich’s recent reference to blogrolls and OPML files. I wonder if something could be added to be able to search across the various sites listed on your own site?

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Watched What are Containers and Cloud Hosting?
and Creating New Environments in Reclaim Cloud – YouTube
Reclaim Cloud – Reclaim Your Adventure! looks interesting. Might poke around in the beta, but probably way over my head, needs and pay grade…

I agree John. Definitely looks interesting, just not sure it is for me. I guess we will see.
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In normal times I listen to podcasts. As I do this on a commute I’ve only listened to 2 episodes since schools shut. I miss it.
When listening I often want to remember something for later, perhaps for a blog post or like, usually this ends in frustration as my memory fails. I imagined a podcast pl…

I really wish there was a way of automating the podcasts I listen to on Android. One of the other issues is that they actually reference the canonical link.
Responding to John Johnston’s discussion of the value of blogging as a space for sharing, Ian Guest wonders about the various features associated with Twitter.

One thing I wonder about sharing spaces is not what is technically possible – Twitter actually includes quite a few features to help users, such as hashtags, saved searches, bookmarks and moments to name a few – the question is how easy is it to personally mine this information and subsequently build upon it?Β  This was the point that both Cal Newport and Austin Kleon have recently touched upon, sharing the power of a space of one’s own.

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I am very lucky in having a supportive wife, my daughter is grown and away, I’ve little in the way of home responsibilities. I’ve no ide how you would manage if you had kids at home or a partner that needed the living room space too…

Your discussion of introducing Microsoft Teams reminded me of Rolin Moe’s remarks that,

You can’t teach someone to swim while they’re drowning.

Certainly does sound exhausting.

In regards to space, I sometimes have the assistant principal trying to touch base with everyone and Ms 9 on WebEx. I am grateful that it is not yet winter over hear therefore allowing me to be able to setup in our alfresco when needs be.