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Watched What are Containers and Cloud Hosting?
and Creating New Environments in Reclaim Cloud – YouTube
Reclaim Cloud – Reclaim Your Adventure! looks interesting. Might poke around in the beta, but probably way over my head, needs and pay grade…

I agree John. Definitely looks interesting, just not sure it is for me. I guess we will see.
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In normal times I listen to podcasts. As I do this on a commute I’ve only listened to 2 episodes since schools shut. I miss it.
When listening I often want to remember something for later, perhaps for a blog post or like, usually this ends in frustration as my memory fails. I imagined a podcast pl…

I really wish there was a way of automating the podcasts I listen to on Android. One of the other issues is that they actually reference the canonical link.
Responding to John Johnston’s discussion of the value of blogging as a space for sharing, Ian Guest wonders about the various features associated with Twitter.

One thing I wonder about sharing spaces is not what is technically possible – Twitter actually includes quite a few features to help users, such as hashtags, saved searches, bookmarks and moments to name a few – the question is how easy is it to personally mine this information and subsequently build upon it?Β  This was the point that both Cal Newport and Austin Kleon have recently touched upon, sharing the power of a space of one’s own.

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I am very lucky in having a supportive wife, my daughter is grown and away, I’ve little in the way of home responsibilities. I’ve no ide how you would manage if you had kids at home or a partner that needed the living room space too…

Your discussion of introducing Microsoft Teams reminded me of Rolin Moe’s remarks that,

You can’t teach someone to swim while they’re drowning.

Certainly does sound exhausting.

In regards to space, I sometimes have the assistant principal trying to touch base with everyone and Ms 9 on WebEx. I am grateful that it is not yet winter over hear therefore allowing me to be able to setup in our alfresco when needs be.

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This is exciting Aaron, testing the reply feature on my desktop now.

HMM, I need to manually add the response properties in my blog. Not sure if that is due to your emoji in title or…

I know that emojis have been an issue in the past, however I manually remove it from the slug these days (see url The only emojis are in the title?

I think that you have touched upon my only concern/frustration with Micropub/sub Readers. They do not seem to populate Response Proporties box. Although it is far from ideal, I prefer to populate these and even add my own custom quote. I also lose control over the headings associated with responses, listens, likes etc … I agree to this as a standard, but there is a part of me that likes having a heading and an emoji to go with this. Each to there own I guess. My dream would be to be able to decide what fields are available, like a custom client that matches up with the various microformats.


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I’ve found the IndieWeb to be tricky, bits don’t work for me, or need twiddling, or more time and knowledge than I have. I see it as an add on from the activity of blogging, which I’ll do anyway. It is not in opposition to mastodon or federation, but for me is just a few more cogs and pipes. If the IndieWeb breaks or goes away my blog will still be there. If twitter explodes the replies to my blog posts will still be in my database.

I really like this way of putting the whole IndieWeb venture. My site is called ‘Read Write Respond‘ (and Collect) because first and foremost, as a blogger, that is what I do. Maybe there is privilege involved in that as Doug touches upon in his Microcast. However, for now I will plough on.
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Read Write CollectΒ is my main education hosepipe filter. Aaron reads and comments on a huge range of educational and web tech blogs wrapped in a tasty IndieWeb coating.

Thank you for the shout-out John. I am glad you find it all of use. I have found it a much more mindful and meaningful exercise than when I used to publish everything straight to Twitter.
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@inoreader’s new plan will leave 90% of users unaffected. I am in the other 10% not sure I should to upgrade, it is quite a jump from current $14.99 to $49.99; slash my feeds, & lose RSS feeds; or take opportunity explore other RSS services.

I feel that I get enough worth out of Inoreader and am not yet ready to jump to a full IndieWeb Reader. I still prefer Inoreader to Feedly. Guess I will see.
Liked πŸ‘“ I’ve now removed the titles in the RSS feed from posts in the micro category using the_title_rss | John Johnston by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich

This seems like a cool potential way of doing all sorts of things in the IndieWeb space for WordPress. I’m curious what it looks like from other perspectives. I’ll have to think this through a bit…

In the end though, it still feels too much like individuals trying to solve problems that should be better handled by feed readers and the platforms.

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Week in <280 * @smokey’s list that made me do this * @kicks Mentions & I must looks at Meaningness * bradbarrish music to sleep by * @rnbn hell isn’t other people, it’s neoliberalism & autistic children who need us to support them * photos : πŸ“·πŸ“· πŸ“· πŸ“· πŸ“· Like this:Like Loading...

I really like this idea John. I am going to have a think about how I could use this myself to then summarise for my newsletter.
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Hello Thought Shrapnel readers! Some of you have asked over the last few months why the ability to comment on posts is switched off here. Well, that’s mainly because I noticed a general downw…

I agree with John in the hope that the quality of replies from webmentions might be better. My concern with comments is that we are stuck in the past with what constitutes a ‘comment’. The only way to improve that is to write our own future one comment at a time.
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As part of my summer holiday fun with WordPress I though I might create a β€˜proper’ RSS feed for my microcast.
There are quite a few podcast plugins that would do the job but I though it might be interesting to try a bit of DIY.
Back when I started a class podcast at Radio Sandaig I used to creat…