Listened Can free public transport save our cities? from Radio National

Luxembourg is just about to make its public transport free. The first country (albeit a small one) to do so. But do the promises of a cleaner, less congested urban environment really stack-up?

In this edition of Future Tense, Antony Funnel looks at the positives and negatives to free public transport. This includes questions around accessibility, frequency and public value. He also wrote a pieces for ABC News, which can be found here.
Listened Beninese musician/activist/genius Angélique Kidjo has released a tribute to Talking Heads' Remain in Light and IT. IS. FUCKING. AMAZING. from Boing Boing
Beninese musician/activist/genius Angélique Kidjo has released a tribute to Talking Heads' Remain in Light and IT. IS. FUCKING. AMAZING.,Angélique Kidjo is a Beninese musician of enormous talent and repute (and three Grammys!); with 10 brilliant albums to her credit; album number ten is special, though: a tribute to Talking Heads…
It is always interesting to hear this reimagining of the Talking Heads. Kidjo both brings a new sound to the songs, as well as placing the music in a whole new context.
Listened How can you prepare for the future of work? The answer is not from Recode

Boston University professor Ellen Shell talks about her new book The Job on the latest episode of Recode Decode with Kara Swisher.

Ellen Shell discusses the state of work in America today. Something Martin Ford also discuses in Rise of the Robots. She argues that educating our way out of the current situation only creates a hopeless situation. Interestingly, Shell pushes back on the ‘end of average’ argument and instead suggests that we need to encourage a broad educational starting point with a focus on analysis.

There are plenty of people with STEM skills. What social scientists have found just in recent years is what kids lack are what they call analytic skills. That is not problem-solving per se, but knowing what problems to solve.

Our focus should not be on job training, but instead training students to be able to learn on the job. This all feels a part of the move ‘back to basics‘.

Listened Methyl Ethel - Triage from triple j
Two years on from their breakthrough hit ‘Ubu’, Methyl Ethel return with their third album, Triage.
I love stumbling upon an artist by chance and just diving in. I did this over summer with Client Liaison and I have done this recently with Methyl Ethel. I came upon the music while watching Rage one night and was hooked. There is a slickness to the production, whilst still maintaining space to move. I would place Triage somewhere between Twin Shadow, Sarah Blasko and Miike Snow.
Listened Dave Harrington: Pure Imagination, No Country from Pitchfork
With a group behind him that recalls the electronic jazz splatter of ’90s New York, Dave Harrington’s guitar work becomes a psychedelic, soft-hued quest for transcendence.
One half of Darkside, Dave Harrington’s instrumental outing feels very much like a spacial experience. My highlight is the cover of Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I would place this album somewhere inbetween Pink Floyd and Tortoise

Read Jesse Jarnow’s review for a further breakdown of the album.

Listened Radio #EDUtalk 27-02-19 PressED WordPress and Education twitter conference
download: Radio #EDUtalk 27-02-19 PressED WordPress and Education twitter conference Pat Lockley talking  about PressEd the conference about WordPress run completely on twitter. PressEd uncovers many aspects of the use of WordPress in all areas of education. We discussed some of the aspects and fea...
Listened Episode 116: A Climate of Safety
Doug Belshaw and Dai Barnes discuss the development of social credit in China. Barnes shares how he got his students to think about this by creating their own social credit for the school space that steps away from teachers dealing with discipline and detentions. This reminds me of Google’s thought experiment associated with the human ledger.
Listened Better baking through chemistry The food fight that changed the US constitution by Jeremy Cherfas Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 27:09 — 21.9MB) Subscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS | More Linda Civitello is a food historian whose latest book is Baking Powder Wars: the cutthr...
Jeremy Cherfas continues his investigation into baking and bread with this investigation into baking powder. He speaks with food historian Linda Civitello about her latest book Baking Powder Wars: the cutthroat food fight that revolutionized cooking.
Listened Cheat Sheet: J Dilla, a playlist by Okayplayer on Spotify from Spotify
Dig deep into J Dilla's sample archive with this 28-hour-long playlist.
For more on J Dilla and his legacy read Tim Carmody’s celebration of what would be his 45th birthday, also Vox produced a documentary looking at J Dilla’s influnce on music through the use of the MPC.

via Austin Kleon

Listened TER #128 – Teachers and Social Media with Stewart Riddle – 17 Feb 2019 from TER Podcast
Dr Stewart Riddle discusses issues facing teachers engaging in social media, and questions the notion of who gets to speak on behalf of teachers.
Stewart Riddle talks about the collapse in dialogue online, especially in regards to solving social problems. He discusses the rise in educelebs, where the focus becomes on the individual, rather than the change at hand. See for example Darcy Moore’s discussion of the ‘cult of John Hattie‘. Riddle questions our understanding of how problematic being on Twitter can be. He discusses @RealPeerReview and the role that serves in fuelling mass criticism. Riddle is mindful of pointing out that this is not that experience of everyone and that there is still an eduTwitter focused on sharing practice and resources. Something captured by Ian Guest. This is another post to the list associated with toxic Twitter.