Brian Eno discusses the body and character of speakers and instruments on space and sound. In the process he summarises his work with generative music. The conversation soon moves to politics, capitalism, neo-liberalism and taking action.

You cannot do technology now without a political position.

Eno ends by sharing an interesting idea of a developing a backwards calendar to plan your life based on how long you think you have left to live.

via Austin Kleon

Liked Anand Giridharadas interview: Why elite philanthro-capitalists do more harm than good (New Statesman)
Giridharadas sardonically remarked of the UK: โ€œTheyโ€™re having a fight about the wall except the wall is the English Channel: half of these people want to turn the English Channel into a wall to keep out their version of the Mexicans.โ€
Liked Opinion | The Writer Who Destroyed an Empire (
All this would give the writer great satisfaction. But though feted and exploited by questionable allies, Solzhenitsyn should be remembered for his role as a truth-teller. He risked his all to drive a stake through the heart of Soviet communism and did more than any other single human being to undermine its credibility and bring the Soviet state to its knees.
Liked Gab and the decentralized web by Ben WerdmรผllerBen Werdmรผller
These are complicated ethical questions. As builders of software on the modern internet, we have to know that there are potentially serious consequences to the design decisions we make. Facebook started as a prank by a college freshman and now has a measurable impact on genocide in Myanmar. While it's obvious to me that everyone having unhindred access to knowledge is a net positive that particularly empowers disadvantaged communities, and that social media has allowed us to have access to new voices and understand a wider array of lived experiences, it has also been used to spread hate, undermine elections, and disempower whole communities. Decentralizing the web will allow more people to share on their own terms, using their own voices; it will also remove many of the restrictions to the spread of hatred. In America, we're unfortunately used ...
Liked Running against Tony Abbott in Warringah by an author (The Saturday Paper)
Iโ€™m not considering running for office because I have always dreamed of being an MP โ€“ although I donโ€™t deny it would be interesting. I am thinking about it because I see it as a civic duty. I was brought up by parents who had lived in Manchester and London through World War II. They were adolescents at the time and have vivid and disturbing memories of the Blitz and of the revelations about Nazi death camps in the immediate aftermath of the war. It affected them profoundly. They brought me up to believe that bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.
Bookmarked 4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump โ€“ Dale Beran โ€“ Medium by an author (Medium)
Trumpโ€™s younger supporters know heโ€™s an incompetent joke; in fact, thatโ€™s why they support him.
Dale Beran unpacks the rise of 4chan. This explores memes, Anonymous and the progressive move into politics. For a different perspective, listen to Charles Arthur’s interview with Jake Davis:

As well as danah boyd’s exploration of the connections between 4Chan and fake news.