Replied to There is Joy in Flicker CC-Attribution Helperville, The Mighty Firefox No Longer Strikes Out (CogDogBlog)
This is really good news. I do have longer term hopes of redesigning the tool as a proper Firefox Extension (and maybe for Chrome). But even bigger, I think the attribution tool can be expanded to work on other services such as WikiMedia Commons, Pixabay, maybe Unsplash. Technically, it should work on any site that has a public JavaScript API for getting info about the photo from the page that contains it.
I always wondered about other sites Alan. Look forward to the development. Wondering if Giphy would work as well?
Replied to Easy IndieWeb Login with WP-Dimension Theme by Alan Levine
But what about those rel="me" things? Quite easy to add, no coding needed. Just go to the WordPress menu editor. Pull down the top curtain for “Screen options” and check the box for “Link Relationship (XFN)” (whatever that means) (look it up). Now I just add a me to those boxes.
I used WP Beginners Header and Footer Plugin, but think your method is much cleaner. Something I will note for the future.
Replied to A Plugin For Your Blogged Past by Alan Levine (CogDogBlog)
I rolled up my sleeves and coded my own, now available as the Posted Today plugin. It provides a shortcode that could be used anywhere in your WordPress site (post, page, widget?) but mainly the intent is for a Page.
I love this Alan. I have been thinking about adding a ‘Today’ page to my Collect site for a while. Here it is, thank you. It really adds impetus to collect everything from around the web in one place, such as Facebook and Twitter. Now to work on that.
Liked If All You Have is the Web, Everything Looks Like a SPLOT by an author (CogDogBlog)
Question: You want an entire class to make a short piece of writing with an image on their phone. Where can they share it where everyone can see it, it's in one place, and it looks artistic? But NOT: Twitter, Instagram, a blog, FB?
Replied to Kidding Around With the WordPress Customizer by an author (CogDogBlog)
In my last post I mentioned making a child WordPress theme mainly to offer customization to parts of theme footer that is usually hard coded. Maybe it’s too much detail, but I thought it a small example of how this is done.
Another reminder why I really need to play around with my child theme a bit more.
Replied to Announcing WP-Lens a new, simple WordPress Theme for Photographers (CogDogBlog)
Here is another new experimenting in porting a Creative Commons licensed HTML5 Up template into a WordPress theme, say hello to WP-Lens. This joins my three previous HTML5 Up to WordPress themes.
This looks like a really slick theme Alan. It has me thinking that it would be cool as a repository. Really want to spin it up and test it out. Wondering about using it with External URL Featured Image to co-claim? Or using it with SNAP to syndicate to Flickr, Tumblr etc.

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