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Question: You want an entire class to make a short piece of writing with an image on their phone. Where can they share it where everyone can see it, it's in one place, and it looks artistic? But NOT: Twitter, Instagram, a blog, FB?
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In my last post I mentioned making a child WordPress theme mainly to offer customization to parts of theme footer that is usually hard coded. Maybe itโ€™s too much detail, but I thought it a small example of how this is done.
Another reminder why I really need to play around with my child theme a bit more.
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Here is another new experimenting in porting a Creative Commons licensed HTML5 Up template into a WordPress theme, say hello to WP-Lens. This joins my three previous HTML5 Up to WordPress themes.
This looks like a really slick theme Alan. It has me thinking that it would be cool as a repository. Really want to spin it up and test it out. Wondering about using it with External URL Featured Image to co-claim? Or using it with SNAP to syndicate to Flickr, Tumblr etc.

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Here are the sample sites that are used as ones that are cloned: TWU Inspire Portfolio (theme source TWU Hearts Portfolio (theme source TWU Minds Portfolio (theme source
Your work on portfolios Alan reminds me a bit of Edufolios and the way they baked in the teaching standards to their solution.
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The thing about these collections is that sequencing is not a factor. A constellation is a collection of 3-15? 20? resources that Mary might assemble to assign to Todd, and then maybe a slightly different set for the people in Customer Service. But the whole idea of the thing under the hood is that as a collection of stars, each has parameters that contribute to its relative size (number of views, ratings, how often it is used in constellations), and that an arrangement of stars in a constellation is a function of how similar they are (common categories, tags, overall content length, similar words?).
I love your work on SPLOTS Alan. This addition is really intriguing. It reminds me in part of Mike Caulfield’s Wikity project, in that users are encouraged to build knowledge and understanding. I could see it being used as a research tool as much as a means of packaging content. I collect together resources in my Collect blog, but I sometimes feel that what is missing are meta pages, in the style of Ryan Boren.