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Educators now that @twitter  decided to allow @realalexjones to stay on the platform do we have a moral obligation to quit? What model are we being to our students embracing hate and lies? #edchat #literacies #ds106 #edtechchat #HipHopEd
Listened to this today poses a lot of questions and considerations in regards to public dialogue.
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Really new and beta but cool All your feeds in one place All your writing and publishing in same place Then you can read your feeds Then you comment, reply, and share publishing all this on your own domain
Greg, I like how you document the different parts here with your screenshots. I really must work out why it is not working for me. By any chance, have you recorded your process of setting it all up anywhere?
Replied to Hulled wheats Our Daily Bread 06 by Jeremy Cherfas (Eat This Podcast) Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:19 — 5.2MB) Subscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSS | More Ancient grains used to be rare and hard to find not because they contained some magical secret for...
Jeremy, I am really enjoying the series. Just a quick note, Episode 6 was not categorised as ‘obd’. Not sure if this was intentional, thought you might like to know.
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Replied to a post by Greg McVerry Greg McVerry (INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION) Today’s #dailyponderance comes from us via Cheri Who read about @hypothesis in @chrisaldrich’s last #dailyponderance post. Your point to ponder what does public reading mean? Does performative nature come into play? Join the...
Chris, although boyd’s book is not cutting edge, it provides a useful starting point for those – particularly in education – who have run from or ignored the evolution of teens and online spaces.
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When Google Reader kicked the bucket I used Fever for awhile but had concerns when the developer decided to stop focusing on it and looked around for an alternative. There are several hosted services out there like Feedly and NewsBlur that seem nice, but I liked the idea of something
I like the idea of writing notes within the application and publishing these. I feel that this is what is trying to be achieved with the micropub feed reader revolution. Personally, I have taken to this with my second blog designed to replace social bookmarking, such as Diigo. Although it is not as simply as Tiny, I like the ability to craft each post. I also like the nuance of Post Kinds.

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My Class has had an update! Our management tool is ideal for teachers with students who either have their own student blog or publish posts on the class blog. This post explains all the features of My Class and how to use it.
I love My Class in Edublogs and feel that it is often overlooked in light of other platforms, such as SeeSaw.

Is the addition of email-less accounts in line with GDPR? I remember discovering the hack to be able to create accounts using ‘+text’ on the end of a Google account. The only issue is that this can sometimes contriven the local policy in place.

For example, Global2 requires students to sign up with their school email.

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Blogging is not dead and will not be while I and many others teach Digital Technologies! I am as passionate as ever about blogging and want my students to be too!
Blogging may not be dead, but it is not the same as it was? Whether it be the community, the comments or the platforms. Do you disagree?

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Yesterday’s episode was a 25 minute discussion about Now (which I keep calling Zeit Now because the domain is which is a hosting environment that makes it dead simple to host Docker containers on the web.

If Tony is four years ahead of Reclaim, I would hate to know how many years I am behind. I have tried to follow your Docker dives Jim, it kind of went over my head at the time. Is this container storage what Dave Winer means by an IndieWeb storage system?