Listened How worried should we be about Huawei? – podcast from the Guardian

Guardian reporters Rupert Neate, Alex Hern and Tania Branigan discuss the company at the heart of a diplomatic tussle. Plus, David Kogan argues Labour needs clarity on Brexit to have a chance of winning power

This discussion continues the conversation around Huawei, 5G and the future of technology.

Liked Augmented Collective Intelligence by Ken BauerKen Bauer (

I signed up for a course run by the one and only Howard Rheingold and am excited to start this week. I will be posting to the course site internal blogs but will share excerpts of my experience out here in the open as well.
Here is the work for the first week, the course kicks off with a video sessi…

Replied to In the SPLOT Footnotes it says 1. you can add your own features (CogDogBlog)

It’s a matter of installing and activating the Easy Footnotes plugin.

Using it when writing, is a matter of starting at the point you want the footnote attached, adding an [efn_note] shortcode then the text that you want to appear in the footnote, and closing it with the ending [/efn_note] shortcode.

Still living the dream that is the text editor, I use Post Editor Buttons Fork to help add in snippets of code.
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We all struggle with what to write. The tyranny of the blank screen can drive many into the welcoming arms of social silos. Yet the simplest way to support a #ProSocialWeb is to Post Positive

Be a good person. Say nice things. Document the good you and others do. The lesson we learned in preschool can still teach us much.

Bookmarked Books on emerging ed tech: a crowdsourced reading list (Bryan Alexander)

Last week I asked your help, dear readers, in selecting a reading for my upcoming summer seminar on emerging technologies.  You responded generously, both here and elsewhere, and I’d like to …

Bryan Alexander collects together a number of texts to further explore educational technology.
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Will you look at this?! Twitter has recreated the WordPress Gutenberg editor interface into their web product. Currently it only has a few blocks for text, photos, gifs, video, embeds, and polls, but it’s not completely horrible and it’s relatively fast and convenient. The Gutenberg editor in WordPress: In fact it appears that they’ve pared the editor down substantially. A few more tweaks and it might be as clean as the Medium editor experience. Want to add a video, just drop a youtube link: Want to embed a blog post from somewhere else? Add the link in your tweet and get a spiffy Twitter Card (just like oEmbed!) I can see people getting awfully tired of clicking that “plus” button interminably though. Maybe if the interface could algorithmically choose where to break text the same way it determines what tweets I’m going to see? Now they just need an edit button and they’ve

Replied to The Mueller Report Is Part Spy Thriller, Part Game of Thrones—With Footnotes (Slate Magazine)

Is it frivolous to evaluate the Mueller report’s entertainment value? Isn’t the legitimacy of the Trump administration enabling the cruelest abuses at the nation’s borders and threatening our democratic institutions? It is, but I’d argue that it makes sense to examine everything pertaining to the Trump administration in this light because Trump doesn’t operate under an ethos of governance, or even under an ethos of business. The only thing he is good at is entertainment; it’s what got him elected and has allowed him to commandeer the news cycle for four years.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I find it interesting to consider the Mueller report as a piece of literature. At the very least it opens up the interpretative nature of it all.
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By slowing down… we can create stronger and deeper relationships, make more thoughtful decisions, lead healthier lives. By doing this, we can positively affect staff culture and the wellbeing of our entire organization.

Thank you as always for sharing Chris. I have found myself slowing down in regards to my blogging. Although I have many unfinished thoughts and notes, I have learnt that not everything needs to be elaborated upon.
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There’s an old African saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Today we speak of a child learning in the context of a connected community in which parents, teachers and numerous community members and agencies work in collaborative partnership. It is not an academy, it is our village and it needs wise cultural leaders.

Great post Greg. In an education environment which is focused on distribution, I wonder what such an academy achieves? Shouldn’t the focus be about building capacity across the board, then those teachers might be better equipped once they get into a position of senior leadership?
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A surprising* new dimension to Plaid’s sound — glitchy and hard-hitting.

The publicity surrounding their forthcoming album, Polymer, says:

The problems and benefits of Polymers felt like good themes for this album, their repetitious strength, endurance and troubling persistence, the natural v

This definitely seems like a shift. I have always loved the thickness to Plaid’s music. Often feels like a soundtrack without a film. Other they have also created explicit soundtracks too.

On another matter, wondering what your workflow is for finding new music? Sadly, even though I have listened to Plaid in Google Music before, obviously the algorithm thought my tastes had changed or something. I wonder if New Releases is influenced by record companies?

Watched Dumbo (2019) – IMDb from IMDb

Directed by Tim Burton. With Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green. A young elephant, whose oversized ears enable him to fly, helps save a struggling circus, but when the circus plans a new venture, Dumbo and his friends discover dark secrets beneath its shiny veneer.

Took the kids to see Dumbo at Sunshine. It does a good job balancing time and space to tell the story, while being faithful to the original.

I was intrigued about Tim Burton tackling a Disney classic. In hindsight, he was exactly the right person to capture the carnival atmosphere. Also, I really like Arcade Fire’s rendition of Baby Mine:

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How do we build #prosocialweb?

One domain at a time.

Do not define success as building for the masses. That got us in this mess.

All the tools exist just using W3C web standards. We do not need to invent the wheel.

Webmentions for example can connect us

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I don’t even get a mention in Ms 8’s creations. No space for adults.
Replied to #tdc2656 #ds106 404 Error (The Daily Create)

Make your own Daily Create today. Tweet your response to @ds106dc and be sure to include the hashtag #tdc2656

Here is my Daily Create creation:

TITLE: Paper Blogs
ACTIVITY: When opening up the admin panel of WordPress just seems like too much effort or Gutenberg is getting on your goat, why not post a paper blog instead? Here is a template to get you started #tdc2656 #ds106

Liked Raising safe, digitally savvy kids in the ‘screen age’ requires a strategy (Women in the World)

Taking away access to these spaces, she said, is taking away what kids perceive as a human right. Gaming is like the proverbial water cooler for many boys, she said. And for many girls, social media can bring access to friends and stave off social isolation. “We all have to learn how to regulate our media consumption,” Ito said. “The longer you delay kids being able to use those muscles, the longer you delay kids learning how to regulate.”