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“Books” flickr photo by Vicente RG shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license Tell and/or show us what you’re currently reading. Maybe tell us why as well? Tweet your response t…

Inspired by Kim Stanley Robinson, Damian Cowell and BBC In Our Times podcast, I am currently meandering my way through Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. #tdc3632 #ds106
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Show us your bicycle, or someone else’s bicycle, or just something about bicycles. flickr photo shared by Tony Fischer Photography under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license Tweet your response …

I was really taken by the creative responses to the arrival of oBikes in Melbourne a few years ago.

RainbO Bike Curious?

“RainbO Bike Curious?” by neonluxe is licensed under CC BY-SA
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Here is my contribution to #tdc3026 I call it Meg Lee, a combination of The Meg and Johnny L’s cover of Ben Lee’s song We’re All in This Together

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People seem to be obsessed with hoarding loo roll – maybe they’d like some films about it. Replace one word in a film title with “toilet paper”, “loo roll” or wh…

Avengers: Toilet Paper War. Having acquired many of the staples, including flour, pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, paracetamol and hand wash, Thanos goes out in search for the one item that no-one can find … toilet paper.
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Books are wonderful, but in the digital age, the best libraries are reinventing themselves to extend beyond the book. What are some other services that could be offered or items that could be lent to ensure the vibrancy of the institution of the library?

Libraries of the future? Always open, learning organisations, with a focus on space, people and community, supporting curation and engagement through skills and games.
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Here is my Daily Create creation:

TITLE: Paper Blogs
ACTIVITY: When opening up the admin panel of WordPress just seems like too much effort or Gutenberg is getting on your goat, why not post a paper blog instead? Here is a template to get you started #tdc2656 #ds106

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meaningful connections flickr photo by wonder-ing shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Social networks are connecting platforms, or they should be. For today’s invitation, respond …

The voices & ideas who have stood out for me this year as a part of my newsletter @kjinquiry @mrsfint @gregmiller68 @langwitches @BiancaH80 @Obi_Jon_ @davecormier @zephoria @twoodwar @wiobyrne @ChrisAldrich @antonyjfunnell @DrNomyn @ChrisWejr @austinkleon @LaTrioli

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The news of your closure for six months came as a shock. There is something about habit and the familiar. Each morning I am greeted by your neon sign – rain, hail or shine. I am going to have to find a new path to tread, but I will return.