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Whether you're focusing on count or mass, I think it is alarming and we all recognise that this is an increasing global project and it's going to take local solutions as well as hopefully global governance to help resolve the issues
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Caught Out : When did Australian cricket adopt a win-at-all-costs culture? When did it turn toxic? We investigate what led to the cheating scandal and why Steve Smith, the man with the country's highest sporting honour, played a key role.
So much of the discussion around the recent scandal involving the use of sandpaper to scuff the ball has been blamed on Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner. This documentary takes a wider look. Painting a picture of a perfect storm, it touches on David Warner being on edge, past history involving South Africa using a lolly to shine the ball, the creation of a competitive culture that incentivised winning and one of Australia’s youngest captains when he took the reigns.