๐Ÿ“‘ Most Big Ideas Have Loud Critics

Bookmarked Most Big Ideas Have Loud Critics by wiobyrne (digitallyliterate.net)

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In Digitally Literate newsletter 395, Ian O’Byrne reflects upon the promotion of AI platforms being ‘open-sourced’ even when they are keeping some parts for themselves:

โ€œOpen sourceโ€ is supposed to mean that everyone can see and use all the parts of the AI model, just like sharing games where everyone can see, use, and understand all its parts. But some companies say their AI models are open-source even when they arenโ€™t sharing everything. This continues to confuse, dislocate, and disrupt individuals.

Most Big Ideas Have Loud Critics by Ian O’Byrne

This reminds me in part about Google and Android. Maybe it is all a part of the same story.

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