Liked My Podcasting Workflow with Amazon S3 and PowerPress (Adam Croom)

I’m putting a summary at the top with my entire workflow:

  • Record podcasts with mics, board, and Adobe Audition.
  • Mix, master, and bounce files with Adobe Audition.
  • Upload audio files to AWS Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Write a blog post in an self-hosted instance of WordPress and added power of the PowerPress plugin.
  • Create a social media card using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Track podcasting analytics using PodTrac.
Liked What is a podcast? (Scripting News)

It’s kind of amazing that until 2019 this hasn’t been an issue. Everything that claimed to be a podcast actually was a podcast, meeting all these conditions. But now podcasting is being siloized by companies trying to dominate. It’s understandable and predictable. But let’s not dilute the qualities that make podcasting so useful.

Replied to How Long Should a Podcast Be? by Jeremy CherfasJeremy Cherfas

Podnews has a piece that many podcasters could usefully read. The bit that resonated was this quote from Roman Mars:
If you have 100,000 listeners and you edit out one useless minute you are saving 100,000 wasted minutes in the world. You’re practically a hero.
Not quite a hero, I can at least cou…

I think that you capture something important here Jeremy. For me what matters is how much effort has been given to edit the content and remove the cruft.
Bookmarked Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher by Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher Blog)

I’ve been asked about the podcasting equipment setup and software that we use on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast. After 220 episodes in one year and over 430K downloads, we’ve settled on a configuration we like. In this post, I’ll share the setup and help you get started.

I have collected a number of posts on podcasting before, however Vicki Davis definitely adds to the perspective.

via Stephen Downes

Listened Microcast 12: Podcatching Thoughts by john john from John’s World Wide Wall Display

A few thought about my listening habits. Some microcasts mentioned:
– percolator
– fragmentum
– Henrik Carlsson
– Colin Walker
– Colin Devroe

I am really enjoying listening to your Microcasts John. Chris Aldrich is right, I need to look into Huffduffer. It is something that I see mentioned here and there, but have never got around to exploring.

I think that I should also explore recording my own short casts. I have always been interested in podcasting, but never seemed to find the time and space. Maybe Microcasts offers an entry point.