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Following a link from Brad I saw the lovely Making Websites Should Be Easy and then the handy What is a feed? (a.k.a. RSS) | About Feeds. Add a link to the last to my sidebar.

John, I really like your idea of including something like Matt Webb’s ‘What is a Feed’ link on my site as reference for wayward visitors who have stumbled off the highway. I like the idea of a newsletter as a feed, rather than another email.
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Echo is a node script to post new items from an RSS feed to various services including and Mastodon. Checkout the readme on GitHub for installation instructions. Use the forms below to generate your config.

Source: Echo – RSS Cross Poster

Another RSS tool, this one for cross-posting using a feed. Wondering if something like this could ironically be used to cross-post back to your own site?

Alan Levine”
in Alan Levine: “Hey, this tech is cool! Echo -…” – CoSocial ()

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When you submit your RSS feed to YouTube, YouTube will create videos for each podcast episode that you choose to upload. YouTube will use your podcast’s show art to create a static-image video and upload it to your channel on your behalf. When a new episode is added to your RSS feed, it will automatically upload to your channel and we’ll notify your eligible subscribers. 

Source: Deliver podcasts using an RSS feed

More possibilities associated with RSS with the ability to publish to YouTube.

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John, I somewhat agree with your preference for RSS over the social feed. Personally, I use Granary to actually bring Mastodon into my feed. For me, this allows me to become less of a slave to the ever current stream. I sometimes wonder though if this is bad faith as I assume I am not nessecarily following the rules on the packet, this can mean engaging in conversations out of time.
Bookmarked GitHub – AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS: A list of RSS related stuff: tools, services, communities and tutorials, etc. (GitHub)

A list of RSS related stuff: tools, services, communities and tutorials, etc. – GitHub – AboutRSS/ALL-about-RSS: A list of RSS related stuff: tools, services, communities and tutorials, etc.

AboutRSS is an extensive list of resources associated with RSS.

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In the recent Twitter Migration, in addition to trying out Mastodon, I’ve been seeing some people go back to blogs or platforms like, WordPress, Tumblr, WriteFreely (like Mastodon it’s a part of the Fediverse, but built for blogging instead of short posts) and variety of others. They?…

Sorry, late to getting to this piece Chris, as I get to my feeds in my own time. I have long lived a feed first existence. Even when engaging with Twitter, I have been consuming via my feed reader. I just realised that I can also produce a feed for Mastodon too using I sometimes feel like I am late to the conversation, however on the flip side I feel that the conversation is more in hand. I feel that if it is worth having then waiting is fine.
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A simple bookmarklet to find the RSS feed for a YouTube channel. On a YouTube channel’s page, like this one, tap the bookmarklet and you’ll be redirected to its RSS feed.

I remember reading about how to capture the YouTube feed, but always found it cumbersome. Colin Devroe’s bookmarklet makes it all so much easier. I really should make more of an effort to collate my feeds reclaim my YouTube consumption.
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Alec, I admit it is not necessarily optimal, could you possibly use either IMPORTFEED or IMPORTXML in Google Sheets and embed the sheet in the Google Site as an RSS Feed? Here is an example you could easily adapt and embed.
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Inspired by Web Rings from the 90s, I created a tool for serendipitous discovery of blogs called RSS Discovery Engine. Similar to how web rings work, I make the assumption that interesting blogs will tend to link to other related blogs, and therefore, linked blogs are likely to also be interesting.

With RSS Discovery Engine, Brandon Quakkelaar provides another potential for serendipity and possibly rewilding attention.
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So, you wanted to follow this nice website for new content, but it doesn’t have an RSS feed yet? Don’t worry, because Inoreader got you covered, again! Introducing Web feeds
Whenever you see a web page with a series of updates, be it news articles, blog posts, classifieds, product updates, weath…

Inoreader provide the means to turn any website into a RSS feed. My only concern with this is the dependancy on Inoreader, but it does make the process a lot easier. I created a feed for Double J. What disappoints me thought is that a site like used to fully embrace RSS. I do not get why they walked away from this?
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The commercial economy might rely on data, tracking and surveillance – though I still think it could do just fine without it – but the email newsletter boom shouldn’t.

I initially followed you via email as a subscriber, but in recent times I have unsubscribed and started following via RSS. I am intrigued how that information is gathered?
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What are you using for RSS reader? I find that when I use an RSS reader, I’m more likely to focus on content than flit around via social media.

Miguel, I use Inoreader. I like the ability to subscribe to a feed that I store on my own site.

I didn’t really like how Feedly organised the various categories and always found it tedious to backup my OPML to share with others. The answer is to subscribe to an OPML Feed stored in the links of a WordPress site, rather than upload a static file.

Liked OPEN S02E18 – Hoe gaat het met je BIMI? by Frank Meeuwsen (

Maybe 2021 will be the year in which we all easily become owners of our own domain and find and maintain our own network from that own domain. Indeed, exactly as is now possible on Twitter and other social media. Reclaim some ownership of our data, thanks to RSS’s underlying pipelines. I like that.

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One of the stranger aspects of RSS feeds is when a long dormant site springs back into life. Usually, I’m glad. This time, I’m not sure what to make of the fact that is now in the hands of someone else.

I remember this happening recently when a domain used by an educator was taken over by a furniture store. It is a strange experience.
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This is a great resource. Makes me want to tinker around more in this area.

Thank you for the tip Chris. Jeff’s guide is really useful in extended the possibilities of the feed. Personally, I have been thinking about the possibilities of creating an alternative feed for Micro.Blog without the heading.