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This is the story of a podcast. My podcast. It’s not a universal story, it’s a personal one. But I can’t pin your podcast to the lab table and dissect it like a frog; I can only do that to mine. In the years I’ve spent working professionally in the podcast industry, I’ve consistently wished that more people wrote/spoke on the behind-the-scenes grind that is making a podcast, so now that I have a discrete, finished case study, it’s time to gut that amphibian.

Nick Hilton reflects on the experience of putting together a documentary podcast. He discusses the starting point of focusing on an idea for which he has some prior knowledge as this helps with pre-production and preparation. In regards to production, he talks about the choice of equipment, software and audio platforms used to capture interview material. On the other side of things, he unpacks his branding, advertising and release strategies.

Hilton concludes with five key messages:

  1. Don’t think that just because you’re a solo podcaster, with very little support around you, that you have to make an interview show.
  2. Be professional, even if you’re not.
  3. Know your KPIs.
  4. Don’t think there’s any great secret to indie podcasts doing well. There’s not.
  5. Don’t invest your life savings on a dice roll. Indie podcasts are a risk, creatively, but they don’t need to be financially.

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