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Thank you Doug for the mention in your blog and the podcast. I organise my microcasts using the Audio Post Kind:

However, you can also make a feed from a tag or category:

I also syndicate to Huffduffer. This can be used in regards to podcasting apps.

In my exploration of Anchor 3.0, it would seem that you can only download audio recorded in the browser. You cannot download audio recorded on mobile.

Listened Microcast 12: Podcatching Thoughts by john john from John's World Wide Wall Display
A few thought about my listening habits. Some microcasts mentioned: - percolator - fragmentum - Henrik Carlsson - Colin Walker - Colin Devroe
I am really enjoying listening to your Microcasts John. Chris Aldrich is right, I need to look into Huffduffer. It is something that I see mentioned here and there, but have never got around to exploring.

I think that I should also explore recording my own short casts. I have always been interested in podcasting, but never seemed to find the time and space. Maybe Microcasts offers an entry point.