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Dave Winer makes the case for subscribing to OPML files within feed readers. This was one of the reasons I moved to Inoreader. However, he suggests that Feedly also supports this functionality, maybe it is a paid feature?

📓 A Custom OPML Request of Blogs associated with Primary Education and Leadership

I recently wrote a post exploring the power and potential of RSS and the revival of the blogroll. One critique I received was that a ‘blogroll’ is meant to be the Top of the Pops. Maybe I am unwilling to get off the fence or am simply unable to wittle my list down. I like how Chris Aldrich breaks down his list into various categories and think that is something I will get to at some stage. However, in the interim, somebody asked me for a list of educational leadership blogs. Here then is a shorter list that will also work in the free version of Feedly. Although I would encourage uploading to your blog and subscribing with Inoreader. If you are using Global2, then import the OPML file using the Import sub-menu (Tools > Import). A link to the OPML can then be accessed by adding ‘/wp-links-opml.php’ to the end of the URL. See for example:

NOTE: If you already use the links function to show a reduced blogroll, then you may wish to categorise them and only show a particular category in the links widget.