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The Link Manager still seems relatively solid and much of the infrastructure still works well, despite the warnings and lack of updates over the past several years. It would be nice to see it make a comeback and I can personally see many ways it could come back as a means of allowing people to better own their personal social graph as well as dovetail with readers. (This could also be the cornerstone of helping to make WordPress it’s own decentralized social network so that those who want to leave Facebook, Twitter, et al. could more easily do so and maintain their own data and infrastructure.)
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Think of an OPML subscription as an updating subscription to a bundle of RSS feeds which all also provide their own individual updates. Instead of subscribing to a bunch of individual feeds, you can subscribe to whole bundles of feeds.
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There are whole new areas of technology waiting for you to add this feature!
Dave Winer makes the case for subscribing to OPML files within feed readers. This was one of the reasons I moved to Inoreader. However, he suggests that Feedly also supports this functionality, maybe it is a paid feature?

πŸ““ A Custom OPML Request of Blogs associated with Primary Education and Leadership

I recently wrote a post exploring the power and potential of RSS and the revival of the blogroll. One critique I received was that a ‘blogroll’ is meant to be the Top of the Pops. Maybe I am unwilling to get off the fence or am simply unable to wittle my list down. I like how Chris Aldrich breaks down his list into various categories and think that is something I will get to at some stage. However, in the interim, somebody asked me for a list of educational leadership blogs. Here then is a shorter list that will also work in the free version of Feedly. Although I would encourage uploading to your blog and subscribing with Inoreader. If you are using Global2, then import the OPML file using the Import sub-menu (Tools > Import). A link to the OPML can then be accessed by adding β€˜/wp-links-opml.php’ to the end of the URL. See for example:

NOTE: If you already use the links function to show a reduced blogroll, then you may wish to categorise them and only show a particular category in the links widget.