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It's kind of amazing that until 2019 this hasn't been an issue. Everything that claimed to be a podcast actually was a podcast, meeting all these conditions. But now podcasting is being siloized by companies trying to dominate. It's understandable and predictable. But let's not dilute the qualities that make podcasting so useful.
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Discourse is not Twitter's strength, not because of the thread structure, rather that it’s a write-only community of attention seekers. Most of what passes for discourse is thinly disguised spam.
This reminds me of a comment (which ironically was a Tweet) from Alec Couros from a few years ago:

There are challenges when it is so easy to just push out comments and critique. This is something Stewart Riddle touches on in a recent interview on the TER Podcast.

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A better approach is to use Twitter tech to glue together a variety of apps, each with their focus on one aspect of networked communication and publishing.
Dave, although I have concerns about Twitter, I do like the way webmentions brings comments back to my site. I am not sure if this is what you mean by ‘gluing apps together’?