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Several people have implemented receiving vouches. It is relatively easy  to look at a vouch URL and see if it links to a third-party who you have approved of in the past.  While there are more advanced things you can do, that is the basic summary of the protocol. The harder part, and less implemented by others is sending of vouches. Where do you find people who have been approved by people you have approved of? It would really help if we had some more discussion on this.
Greg McVerry is an Assistant Professor of Education at Southern Connecticut State University. He received a doctorate in educational psychology from University in Connecticut as a Neag Fellow serving in the New Literacies Research Lab.Greg teaches and researches at the intersection of literacy and technology. He is the current e-editor of the Literacy Research Association and member of the technology, communication, and literacy committee. Greg is also a member of the media and digital literacies collaborative of NCTE. He is also the new literacies section editor for the Connecticut Reading Association Journal. He has published and presented dozens of articles and papers in national and international journals. Greg is involved in many school wide initiatives to improve literacy outcomes using technology.
I have long followed Greg, especially on Medium and lately in the IndieWeb Chat. I am finally getting around to adding his blog to my feed.
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Hey! My name is Ian O’Byrne.

I am an educator, researcher, and speaker. My work centers on teaching, learning, and technology. I study literacy practices of individuals in online, and hybrid spaces.

This website is my digital commonplace book. This is inspired by the website philosophy & structure developed by Chris Aldrich.

I use this website as my primary hub for online presence and communication. I’m trying to follow the tenets of the IndieWeb movement in owning all of my own data and publishing on my own site and syndicating elsewhere (POSSE).

On this website you’ll find a trail of my digital breadcrumbs as I consume, curate, and create. I’ll archive all of the things I’ve read online. These could be bookmarks to visit, videos to watch, photos, and quotes that inspired me.

My main website is where you’ll find all of my longer blog posts, videos, & images. You should subscribe to my weekly newsletter to stay on top of everything.

I am social. Feel free to contact me.

I have followed Ian’s main feed and newsletter for a while. I am interested to see his take on the commonplace book.
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I’ll continue to blog here at EdTech Factotum. The only difference is now this will just be a regular ol’ blog and there won’t be any newsletters emailed to you fine folks. I’ll still post the occasional summary of what I read here. And you can still follow along via the RSS feed (remember those?),  Twitter, or my EdTech Factotum Facebook page.

I have added Clint Lalonde’s linkblog to my blogroll.
Bookmarked A Point of Contact by Glen Cochrane (A Point of Contact)

I live in Canada, currently in Calgary. I have also lived in Central and Eastern Canada, and in Asia.

I don’t blog a lot, and this frequency suits me. I do go through phases depending on the season and depending on time commitments.

Generally, this blog is about (but not limited to) education and technology.

I came upon Cochrane’s blog via his response to my discussion on literacies and fluency. It reads like an #IndieWeb blog in structure, with the structured responses and notes, just without the post kinds and webmentions.