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The import option was not yet there. So I decided to make this myself. Now I am not a programmer, but for a hobby project like this I can do something. Fortunately, I have already taken a first step in reading OPML in the past, when I was working on a Pinboard project .

I could easily reuse that code. After a short read-in session in the way in which I can call the Aperture API, I now have a first, rough version . There is no categorization yet, no error handling, no validation by feed type (if needed) and it could be written a bit nicer. But it works!

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Create a random / fixed image for the twitter:image meta tag for short messages

I am interested in the Twitter:Image itch. I would assume that is what I use the All In One SEO
for? Chris Aldrich had some thoughts. Would rather build it into my site somehow if I could.
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I have been using Inoreader for a few years but I did not know it was possible to receive newsletters in it. You can create a specific tag after which you will receive a unique address. With that address you can subscribe to all kinds of newsletters and receive them in your feed reader.

I too have used Inoreader for a while now. I love the ability to subscribe to feeds. However, I feel that there are so many features I have never considered. I am particularly interested in moving my podcast consumption there. At the moment I use Podcast Addict, but feel there is a lot of cruft.
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The list below is far from exhaustive and exclusive. That is the beauty at the same time. Nothing has to be done, everything is possible. Take advantage of this list and of course fill in the comments.

This post from Frank Meeuwsen is a useful list of blogging ‘posts’ or ideas. It is interesting to read this against Edublogs ideas for educators and students. I still think that there is a level above defining the many faces of blogging.
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What if Swartz would have experienced in recent years? If he had seen how algorithmic news distribution provides polarization, how Facebook is co-responsible for the genocide in Myanmar, the scandals surrounding Cambridge Analytica, the political forces that play on the web. How would he react to that? How would he take action?