Replied to Using Inoreader as an IndieWeb feed reader by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich
It may still be a while before I can make the leap Iโ€™d love to make to using Microsub related technology to replace my daily feed reader habits. I know that several people are working diligently on a Microsub server for WordPress and there are already a handful of reader interfaces available. Iโ€™...
I have been wondering how I could improve my workflow associated with Inoreader. Obviously I did not wonder enough.

Currently, I use URL Forwarder as many of my posts (like this one) are composed during my daily commute on my phone. I guess I could use IFTTT, but there is something There is something about IFTTT that leaves me feeling unsettled. I am therefore unwilling to use the platform for anything that
really matters to me. I am not sure if I want to pay for Zapier, but have been thinking about it, especially after listening a recent episode of the Automators Podcast:

Another challenge I find is that some of the features you have touched upon do not seem available via the mobile app. Maybe then this ties my hand.