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Question: You want an entire class to make a short piece of writing with an image on their phone. Where can they share it where everyone can see it, it's in one place, and it looks artistic? But NOT: Twitter, Instagram, a blog, FB?
Replied to Kidding Around With the WordPress Customizer by an author (CogDogBlog)
In my last post I mentioned making a child WordPress theme mainly to offer customization to parts of theme footer that is usually hard coded. Maybe it’s too much detail, but I thought it a small example of how this is done.
Another reminder why I really need to play around with my child theme a bit more.
Bookmarked ePortfolios: Competing Concepts by Tom Woodward (Bionic Teaching)
I talked to some VCU people about ePortofolios1. It’s a conversation I’ve had any number of times over the years. I think that experience is leading to a better understanding of what’s going on structurally and the space we have to navigate competing interests. I’m also in a better position to show how certain technologies might help people find a middle way. However, I’m still trying to be honest about the complexities involved in an environment with shrinking resources and expanding expectations. That’s a rough line to sell when vendors have no compunction about pitching simple answers that aren’t exposed until after contracts are signed. For the record, I didn’t start with this peppy intro when I spoke.
Tom Woodward addresses a number of considerations associated with ePortfolios:

  • Strategy: trophy case vs. progress/reflective.
  • Audience: internal vs. external.
  • Ownership: institution vs. student
  • Privacy: password protected vs. public searchable

Woodward provides a lot of nuance throughout his discussion and provides a number of examples to support this. It is a worthy addition to the discussion of ways to blog.

Bookmarked Avoiding the Lock-in Effect in WordPress – Nelio Software by (Nelio Software)
If you change your theme or disable any of your WordPress plugins and your website breaks down, you are suffering from the lock-in effect. Learn about it.
I sometimes worry about this in regards to the IndieWeb, especially the Post Kinds plugin. Although David Shanske stores it for future use, I feel it would require a significant technical knowledge, which I don’t have.
Replied to Syndication Links 4.0.0 Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske
As promised previously, I’ve built new syndication code and added supported for Bridgy and Indienews, which both uses Webmentions to trigger a syndication action. This is disabled by default.
Well done with all your work getting this done. I look forward to using it. Thank you.
Liked Version 2.0 of the Micropub Plugin Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske
At the Indieweb Summit in June, someone said something to me that made me decide to embark on a major rewrite of the Micropub endpoint for WordPress. For those of you not familiar with it, Micropub is a standard that allows for you to publish to a website. The major work on this actually finished in...
Replied to Clean Google Doc Cut/Paste into WordPress Editor by Tom Woodward (Bionic Teaching)
If you cut/paste from a Google Doc into the WordPress WYSIWYG editor you get more than I want. Mainly a bunch of inline CSS that sets the font weight (see below). This is a pain because it’s going to take priority in CSS land and undoing it by hand is a hassle.
This looks great Tom. This might resolve some of the junk code brought across from Blogger too? Will have to investigate.