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It may still be a while before I can make the leap I’d love to make to using Microsub related technology to replace my daily feed reader habits. I know that several people are working diligently on a Microsub server for WordPress and there are already a handful of reader interfaces available. I’m particularly interested in the fact that I can use a reader interface integrated with Micropub so that my reactions in the reader (likes, bookmarks, replies, etc.) are posted back to my own personal website which will then send notifications (via Webmention) to the mentioned websites. Of course it’s going to take some time before I’m using it and even more time after that for the set up to become common and easy to use for others. So until then, I and others will need some tools to use right now. Toward this end I thought I’d double down on my use of Inoreader in my daily web consumption workflows. I wanted to make it easier to use my feed reader to post all these types of posts to my website

Chris one thing that frustrates me about my Inoreader workflow is subscribing to multiple OPML files leads to some people/posts multiple times. I am wondering if I need to bring everyone into my own OPML file, but I like the serendipity of new finds via others.

Not sure if this makes sense and if it is something you have experienced?

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  1. I know the feeling, but typically I arrange everything into a variety of folders using OPML files, so I’ve got sub-categories of my own OPML file that I import into particular folders for reading. As a result I try to only categorize each feed into one category (usually based on how often I read particular ones). Then there are others’ OPML files that I subscribe to (like yours) which go to their own separate folders. Often these I read more for discovery, so I just skip over the duplicate feeds (or rearrange the duplicates to the bottom of their respective folders to mitigate.) From my discovery feeds, when I find myself regularly reading particular feeds, I just move them to my own categories and derank them from my discovery feeds to mitigate the duplication.
    It would be nice if readers recognized the same feeds in multiple folders and marked them as read when matching posts were finished. There definitely needs to be some work/research into making some of this manual work easier…

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