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I do recognize that Headless WordPress development is a bit niche, it requires knowledge of APIs and javascript programming, and markdown. Not to mention chances are you would be depending on javascript frameworks like Gatsby, React, or something along those lines for building the static website (WordPress Calypso was exactly this idea). But my thinking was to introduce a fairly edge-case approach it is fairly new to me as well and talking about it would help me learn more. This is especially true given we are considering scaling and sharing some of Reclaim Hosting’s Domain of One’s Own documentation, not to mention Coventry’s Learn resources, but more of that in my next post.

Bookmarked Webmentions with WordPress for Open Pedagogy by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (

Abstract: With growing support for the W3C Webmention spec, teachers can post assignments on their own websites & students can use their sites to respond and interact. Entire classes can have open discussions from site-to-site owning all their data and eschewing corporate surveillance capitalism.
Missed my presentation for PressEdConf20 on Twitter earlier and want to read it all bundled up instead? The “article” version appears blow. You can also enjoy the Twitter moment version if you like.

Chris Aldrich provides a series of posts explaining how the PressEdConf, which focuses on WordPress, could be run using WordPress.

Aldrich also documented the process he used to deliver the presentation for #PressEdConf20.

Listened Radio #EDUtalk 27-02-19 PressED WordPress and Education twitter conference from

download: Radio #EDUtalk 27-02-19 PressED WordPress and Education twitter conference
Pat Lockley talking  about PressEd the conference about WordPress run completely on twitter.
PressEd uncovers many aspects of the use of WordPress in all areas of education.
We discussed some of the aspects and fea…