Listened Radio Edutalk 13-03-19 Ian Guest “Exploring teachers’ professional development with Twitter”

Dr Ian Guest talking about his recent PHD “Exploring teachers’ professional development with Twitter”.

Another interesting discussion about Twitter summarising some of Ian Guest’s learnings associated with his PhD. Was nice to mentioned in regards to my involvement with the village.
Listened Radio #EDUtalk 27-02-19 PressED WordPress and Education twitter conference

download: Radio #EDUtalk 27-02-19 PressED WordPress and Education twitter conference
Pat Lockley talking  about PressEd the conference about WordPress run completely on twitter.
PressEd uncovers many aspects of the use of WordPress in all areas of education.
We discussed some of the aspects and fea…

Replied to Giving Edutalk a fresh coat of paint by john john (John's World Wide Wall Display)

We have started refreshing the EDUtalk Site. Updating the theme and how the live audio plays. We have started updating the information pages too over the break. If you be interested in appearing on a show next session please get in touch. Also on: Like this:Like Loading…

John, for a second I thought you had gone all #IndieWeb and spun up David Shanske’s 2016 IndieWeb theme.
Replied to Radio #EDUtalk 07-03-2018 Loose Learners Ep 9 The State of Blogging by John Johnston (EDUtalk)

This episode explores a favourite topic for both John and Mariana – blogging. It explores the current state of things.

Thank you John for the mention. The blogger who I think you were trying to remember is Bill Ferriter. He wrote an interesting post reflecting on the myth of audience.

I sometimes wonder if people like Dave Winer and Alan Levine are the real ‘Big B Bloggers’. This is not because they curate a platform for financial purposes, which they don’t, but because they each in their own ways take blogging to the extremes of what is possible. I consider their pursuit as both cognitive and technical. I think that and #IndieWeb communities capture this too. This is the Big B blogging that I am interested in.