Replied to Focus by Colin Walker (A Personal Journey)
One of the things I want to look at (and hopefully do justice to) is how we went from dreading the home slideshows of other people's holidays to ravenous consumers of holiday snaps and more shared on social networks. The change has been nothing short of remarkable.
I remember going overseas fifteen years ago. I borrowed my parents camera. While away I had the images on the SD card transferred to CD. This was not only so I had a backup and could delete a few, but also so that I could share the actual disk with other people I was away with, as they were from a different hemisphere. Times have certainly changed.

I think that what is lost is the storytelling that is associated with the slideshows. Now we just seem to presume other people know where we have been or what we are up to.

Justlego101 on Instagram: β€œBehind the scenes of my latest photo on @justlego101!”

Behind the scenes of my latest photo on @justlego101!

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There is something fascinating in seeing ‘behind the scenes’. Whether it be an artist discussing their studio or a creator providing insight into their process, it always leads me to consider the finished product with new eyes.

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