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We are so lucky to live in an era where learning something new is always within our reach. Not just home repair, but new skills and new approaches to the way we think, learn, work, and play.

What are you currently trying to do that you couldn’t do before? How are you expanding your horizons?

I remember when I was growing up I would prize the guitar tabs that my music teacher would write out for me. Now, I search for the chords/tabs or watch various tutorials on YouTube, such as Brian Martin’s Easy Guitar Tutorials. Although I do not get the feedback that comes with having a teacher, it means that I can keep on learning.

This all reminds me of anywhere, anytime learning, as well as Amy Burvall’s focus on the power of the mobile device as the ultimate learning tool. It makes me wonder about the move to ban devices.

I am also left wondering if this penchant for learning when I want impedes deeper learning over time that sometimes comes through frustration with the unknown or ‘productive struggle‘.

Anyway, enough from me for now.

P.S. Enjoying your daily blogs David

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David, my recommendation is Team Human by @rushkoff. There is something about having a book both written and read by the same person.
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This is a follow up to a commitment made on my blog post, “Default Setting or Mindful and Intentional?“

I have taken up the ’12 hour’ challenge David. Some of my strategies have been to wait til I get to work to have breakfast and my first coffee of the day, as well brushing my teeth with my children therefore stopping me from snacking once they have gone to bed. I have not noticed a change in how I feel, but have found myself becoming more aware of what I eat and what constitutes calories.
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I’m also keenly aware that other than the intermittent fasting, (or rather time-restricted eating), which I’ve been doing Sunday to Thursday when not on holidays, I recognize that these other items will take about an hour a day. So, I decided to delete a game from my iPad that I spend too much time on. Yes, I enjoy the game, but it is not ‘time well wasted’ and I’m sure the benefits of doing these other things will be far more rewarding.

Interesting to read your goals. I was wondering about he fasting. I watched the video

and was wondering if ‘fasting’ in this sense included water too?

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Liked Cut the Bull by David Truss (David Truss :: Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts)

The questions we ask ourselves before we plan determine what we really need to ask of our students.

Picasso didn’t do his final drawing by asking, “How can I use the least amount of lines to draw a bull?” In each drawing he took away the non-essential components, leaving behind only what was necessary.