Replied to Where Will the Current State of Blogging and Social Media Take Us? by Jacky AlcinéJacky Alciné (
This (oddly) has me returning to my terminal writing this post. It took me some time to write this post but the idea of it has been lurking since June. It’s possibly me slowly but surely being to write off Jekyll and beginning to move into either a home-grown solution or using something else. I don’t know yet. I don’t think one usually does; especially when it comes to moving. You don’t know what kind of memories you end up actually making when you move in somewhere.
Interesting reflections Jacky. I wonder where social media, silos and the IndieWeb will win five years? What APIs will be available? What will be the dominant platforms? How will Micropub clients change things, especially on mobile devices? What will comments look like in five years? So many question to ponder and itch.
Replied to Having a Gasta at #ALTC by Clint Lalonde (EdTech Factotum)
At no time did I dream of becoming an educational technologist. But, yet, 25 years later, here I am, and along the way I have noticed some changes and shifts in our field. Here are 3. Observation #1: Education Technology has become both simpler and more complex.
I really enjoyed this Clint. I think the critical change in regards to technology is significant. I recently wrote a reflection on this after the Cambridge Analytica. I feel that the biggest challenge we face is being informed and building the capacity across the system.
Liked The rise and rise of e-sports (Doug Belshaw's Thought Shrapnel)
The article is worth a read, for several reasons. It shows why e-sports are going to be even bigger than regular sports for my children’s generation. It demonstrates how to get to the top in anything you have to put in the time and effort. And, perhaps, above all, it shows that, just as I’ve found, growing up spending time in front of screens can be pretty lucrative.
Replied to Extending The Spaces You Need To Innovate (Further considerations) by Tom Barrett (Tom Barrett's Blog)
I am still not completely convinced you need a Digital Space for creative, innovative work. Although it has become a standard space for us to operate it in, a Digital Space seems a “nice to have” not a “must have”.
Rather than complimentary digital space, I like Dave White’s notion of ‘coalescent spaces‘.

In regards all eight spaces, I wonder if such a breakdown ignores the context associated with innovation. I prefer an assemblage as a means of making sense.

P.S. If comments are the cassette tape of the digital world, not sure what metaphor you would recommend for a comment syndicated from your own site?

Replied to Daydreamers Mindwanderers Unite! - Issue 98 by Tom Barrett (Dialogic Learning Weekly)
It would be great to get some feedback from you about what you are enjoying about the newsletter and what hits home the most, what more can I do to improve it?
What I like about your newsletter Tom is the way that you bring others along with your own journey. Associated with this you share resources associated with your thinking.

My only wondering is your inclusion of other voices. Although you discuss some of the great work being done by clients, sometimes it would be nice to hear celebrations from beyond, however that may not be your intent.

Hope that helps.

P.S. I referenced your archive rather than this weeks newsletter out of respect.

Liked September 21, 2018 by Laura Hilliger (Freshly Brewed Thoughts)
Because food. No, I’m serious. Why doesn’t the far right recognize that without cultural diversity they’d be eating…well even potatoes, corn and tomatoes are products of indigenous communities in South America. The Incas invented corn by cross breeding and altering plants. Back in the day. Incas are cool. I digress. What would the far right eat if they only ate white people food? Paleo doesn’t include tubers, does it?
Watched Australian Story: The Show Must Go On from ABC iview
Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins looks back over the most challenging year of her life and speaks exclusively about her health problems, marriage breakdown and plans for the future.
This episode of Australian Story provides an insight into life off the stage. Emma Watkin’s tale of her health issues are a reminder that inequity and expectation shows in many forms. It was interesting watching this after reading Virginia Trioli’s experience of the emotional highs and lows associated with IVF.