Bookmarked Copying all Pocket highlights with a bookmarklet (
I do not use Highlights with Pocket as I was not sure how they would fit with my workflow. However, after finding this bookmarklet from Phil Newton, I am thinking that maybe I could.

to_clipboard = "#+TITLE: " + document.getElementsByTagName('h1')[0].innerHTML + "\n\n";
all_highlights = document.getElementsByClassName('highlight');
for (highlight in all_highlights) {
highlight_text = all_highlights[highlight].innerHTML;
if (typeof highlight_text !== 'undefined' && highlight_text.trim() != '') {
to_clipboard += "#+begin_quote\n";
to_clipboard += highlight_text.trim() + "\n";
to_clipboard += "#+end_quote\n\n";
to_clipboard += "*Source*: " + document.getElementById('reader.external-link.view-original').href;

I worked with CoPilot to change the structure to how I wanted it:

for(i in o="",h=document.getElementsByClassName("highlight"),h){
"undefined"!=typeof t&&""!=t.trim()&&(o+="> "+t.trim().replace(/\n/g, "\n> ")+"\n\n");
var url = document.getElementById("reader.external-link.view-original").href;
url = url.replace("?utm_source=pocket_saves", "");
o+="Source: ["+document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0].innerHTML+"]("+url+")"

It was an interesting process where I tried some things and was corrected. This was much quicker than learning it from scratch.

Replied to Commute Time = Reading Time (Daily-Ink & Pair-a-dimes un-post-ed)

Thanks to audio books, my commute time is actually enjoyable learning time. I find myself wishing I had a slightly longer commute to work… how do you use your commute time?

In addition to Audible, I listen to books without narration via the accessibility settings and articles via Pocket.
Replied to Too Long; Didn’t Read #169 by Ian O’Byrne (W. Ian O’Byrne)

The latest update to Pocket improves on its text-to-speech feature. This will allow the app to read your bookmarked pages to you. This is a great opportunity to save pages, and listen to them during your commute, or going for a walk. I’m definitely testing this out in my classes…and recommending it for students.

I am glad that Pocket has improved the text-to-speech feature. I found it frustrating when listening hands free and it would stop playing when it hit a post that was not downloaded. This seems to be resolved.

I have written about my workflow elsewhere, but find it useful when saving longer posts for later. Basically, I start with Inoreader. If the post is too long to read I save it. Definitely a useful tool for students to have in toolography.

Replied to Pocket 2017 Year in Review (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

According to Pocket, I’m still in their top 5% of their readers/users despite the fact that I cut way back on using it this past year in strong deference to using other feed readers including one built into my website.
Apparently I read 678, 617 words in their app this year which according to the…

Apparently I am in the Top 1%. I must admit that I have come to use it more now that you can play posts. What I find intriguing is what they measure ‘reading’ as and how they decided that it was like reading 35 books. It actually made me wonder if there are many people actually using Pocket anymore?