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A little while ago, I switched one of my blogs from WordPress to ClassicPress (a fork of WordPress 4.9, so before the block editor was introduced) and back. There’s two reasons ClassicPress didn’t cut it for me: Quite a few plugins—even those that have nothing to do with the block editor—req…

Jan Boddez provides a markdown alternative to depending on Jetpack.
Replied to An Index for My Digital Commonplace Book by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (

In reading about the history of commonplace books, I figured it’d be nice to have a full listing of all the categories and tags on my website for public reference. So I’ve now added an Index page.

Thank you Chris for link to Multi-Column Tag Map. I have created my own now. I have long wanted to build a better search page that allow me to filter search using tags and text. I think that this is a useful start. It is also a useful reminder to keep on top of my tags and clean up inconsistencies.

Side note, through the process I discovered I have 147 posts tagged ‘Chris Aldrich’.

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I’ve been tinkering around with methods to automatically syndicate (POSSE) content from my personal website to Mastodon. I’ve been working at making a custom plugin which is far from finished. But a test post I made the other day, caught a few people’s attention[1][2].

Thank you for sharing Chris. I was wondering what you were doing. Might be time to dig back in again.
Replied to Self Sustaining Spam Stopper by Jeremy Felt (

What’s really funny to me is that this is a simple honeypot with a couple lines of JavaScript that wait a second before clearing one of the prefilled form values.

If a bot is using wp-comment-post.php to submit the comment without checking form field names first, which most are, it fails.

If a bot grabs the HTML, looks for a form, and submits it in under 1.5 seconds, which most others seem to do, it fails.

If a bot actually loads a full browser session and waits for JavaScript to load, it passes. Luckily, not many bots do that!

Jeremy, I have installed Self-Sustaining Spam Stopper on my site. I will let you know if I find anything odd.