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I want my microformats “baked into” my posts, so that if I were to ever disable this plugin, all of my existing content stays untouched. Current microformats plugins rely on PHP “front-end” hooks and such, which I wanted to avoid.

Jan, this looks interesting. I am intrigued in an alternative to Post Kinds. I fear that I am going to hit a wall at some point if or when the classic plugin is no longer supported. I like what it does, but agree with your concern about it being outside of the post. One of the things that I am coming to realise though is that unless I were to roll out my own solution (which seems well beyond me) that I am always at the whim of somebody else’s design principles.
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A little while ago, I switched one of my blogs from WordPress to ClassicPress (a fork of WordPress 4.9, so before the block editor was introduced) and back. There’s two reasons ClassicPress didn’t cut it for me: Quite a few plugins—even those that have nothing to do with the block editor—req…

Jan Boddez provides a markdown alternative to depending on Jetpack.
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I recently moved another blog of mine back to “plain” WordPress, and in the process added microformats2 support to its Twenty Twenty child theme. Some remarks: I’ve yet to add a u-photo class to featured images, I used a bit of a trick to get post metadata to show below short-form posts rather than above, and I’ve also completely hidden the “regular” comment form—I’m more of a Webmention type of guy.

All of the site’s source, minus default plugins and such, is hosted on GitHub, and that includes this child theme.

Jan Boddez adds to the IndieWeb options by adding microformats to Twenty Twenty theme.