💬 An Index for My Digital Commonplace Book

Replied to An Index for My Digital Commonplace Book by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

In reading about the history of commonplace books, I figured it’d be nice to have a full listing of all the categories and tags on my website for public reference. So I’ve now added an Index page.

Thank you Chris for link to Multi-Column Tag Map. I have created my own now. I have long wanted to build a better search page that allow me to filter search using tags and text. I think that this is a useful start. It is also a useful reminder to keep on top of my tags and clean up inconsistencies.

Side note, through the process I discovered I have 147 posts tagged ‘Chris Aldrich’.

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  1. If I claim to set up a Frankopedia with this blog, it is good to have an index page . An index based on the tags that I use to a greater or lesser extent on the individual posts. Actually, this has only become more of a habit since 2017. Although the many post types such as bookmarks and likes are still tag-less. A job that I can take on in my 365-day task of reviewing posts per day. Some days are better than others too.

    For the index page I use the Multi-Column Tag plugin , thanks to a tip from Chris and Aaron . Now get into the habit of retroactively tagging older posts and consolidating tags.

    You can browse the archive through my Tag Index. I choose to only show tags that have been used at least 2x.

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