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A little while ago, I switched one of my blogs from WordPress to ClassicPress (a fork of WordPress 4.9, so before the block editor was introduced) and back. There’s two reasons ClassicPress didn’t cut it for me: Quite a few plugins—even those that have nothing to do with the block editor—req…

Jan Boddez provides a markdown alternative to depending on Jetpack.
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I was surprised to see the Privacy Badger was reporting tracking by Facebook and Pinterest. I’m particularly hostile to Facebook services, and don’t use any of them (including WhatsApp and Instagram). Upon further investigation, it turns out that even if you have ‘share to X’ buttons turned off, Jetpack still allows social networks to phone home. So that’s gone, too.

Doug, I long wanted to ditch Jetpack, but rely on it mark Markdown. Wondering if you had that problem and if so how you resolved it?