๐Ÿ“‘ Social Media Jujutsu

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Jujutsu is a martial art focused on using your opponentโ€™s momentum against themโ€“ clever redirection of force rather than trying to meet it directly. This seems like it might be an option for some of todayโ€™s social media woes where people are trying to continue to take advantage of the good aspects of these tools/communities while opposing some of their attempts at manipulation. There are major alternatives like Mastodon but many people arenโ€™t going to make that jump. So consider this post more of a way you might mitigate harm while continuing using tools meant to bend your mind and warp your perceptions.

Tom Woodward reflects on the stresses of social media and shares a number of tools for mitigating the harm. This includes add-ons which hides Twitter metrics and tools which adjust your language. He also touches on some strategies, such as commenting on sites more than social media. Depending on your platform, I would recommend the #IndieWeb and activating webmentions. Also, Micro.blog offers another entry point to claiming the web, especially in regards to RSS.

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