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A podcast manager for Android. Contribute to AntennaPod/AntennaPod development by creating an account on GitHub.

I have long searched for a means of keeping record of the podcasts I listen to. Jeremy Cherfas recently discussed the script that he uses, but this was via Overcast which is not on Android. I have tried using URL Forwarder, but have had issues as the share feature includes the title and URL. I also tinkered with sharing via my feed reader, but that felt tedious.

I previously used Podcast Addict. I was happy enough with everything, other than the fact that I was unable to pull my listening data. In my semi-regular search for alternatives, I came across AntennaPod, an open source podcast player. From my initial experience, it looks and feels similar to Podcast Addict. However, unlike Podcast Addict, it provides access to the database. I am now tinkering with how I can do some sort of manual analysis once a month. This is not quite a webhook or an integration with something like IFTTT, but maybe gPodder.net might provide that if I can get it working.

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