🎡 Musca (Herbert)

Listened Musca, by Herbert from Matthew Herbert

Musca is the next in the series of domestic house albums to follow the groundbreaking LP classics Around The House (1998), and Bodily Functions (2001) both set for a special β€˜21st anniversary of the Accidental label’ vinyl reissue on 16th July.

What entrances me about Matthew Herbert’s music is the subtly that make up his palette of found sounds. As David Murphy captures:

these bonsai bangers marry space and delicacy with vocals that are soulful but breathily intimate.

Another interesting aspect to Musca is the idea of a house album during the pandemic.

“Like presumably many other albums made during the last year, Musca reflects on navigating the challenges and joys of our most intimate relationships while the world is in turmoil,” says Herbert. “Not just with Covid-19, but with the rise in state and political violence, Facebook-friendly fascism, white supremacy and a climate in crisis.”

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