⚠️ Integrate Podcast Addict with IFTTT

Filed an Issue Integrate with IFTTT (Customer Feedback & suggestions for Podcast Addict)

There should be a way to integrate with IFTTT.

For example, I share my news items of interest to Diigo, which then (through IFTTT) posts to Blogger and Twitter, without duplicates.

If I could have podcast episodes that I finished at a predetermined level (or even via a manual share) sent to IFTTT that triggered a recipe already in-place to distribute my shared content as designed (Blogger and Twitter, simultaneously and without duplicates).

IFTTT is very simple and extremely useful, so an integration with Podcast Addict — one of my top three most-used apps — would be great.

I think it would be good if Podcast Addict was able to integrate with IFTTT. Although it is possible to share to Twitter, there are times when I would like to share with other sites and spaces, such as Diigo or my own website.

Even better than integrating with IFTTT would be to provide webhooks that could be integrated with IFTTT. This is what Inoreader has done. Doing so what then open up the options to any number of applications.

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