๐Ÿ’ฌ Twitter Plugin and Twitter Card Metacrap

Replied to https://boffosocko.com/2020/12/25/55784118/ by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

I wasnโ€™t seeing it before, but after upgrading to All in One SEO to 4.0.9 from 3.7ish, the Twitter plugin was throwing in some Twitter card metacrap that was causing a conflict. Iโ€™ve turned off the Twitter plugin which shouldnโ€™t affect much since I wasnโ€™t really using much of itโ€™s addition…

Chris, was the Twitter Plugin how you were able to populate multiple tweets in the Post Kinds reply box or have you got a different method?

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  1. Aaron, multiple tweets in that reply box are purely manual-until-it-hurts for the moment. (Iโ€™ve also done a small tweak to my system to prevent oEmbeds and filtering by wp_kses so that I have more control over what the plugin displays.)

      1. You could probably add it as a site specific plugin, or potentially throw the line into your functions.php file, youโ€™d just need to have it load before the Post Kinds plugin code. (Otherwise the Post Kinds code sets it as false and then it would be ignored.) As mentioned at the bottom of that post, I personally have it hiding at the end of my wp-config.php, so itโ€™s one of the first things declared.

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