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Replied to 26/12/2020, 14:41 – Colin Walker (colinwalker.blog)

I’ve not been able to play with the Behringer TD-3 yet as it ships with a euro plug (some adapters are on order along with an assortment of cables) but I’ve been getting to grips with the Korg Volca Drum, figuring out what it’s capable of and generally making noise.

I too have turned to the physical in regards to instruments. I bought the Volca Modular. I think I am getting my head around it, partially because of the time spent tinkering with VCV Rack.

I have been looking at getting a Volca Sampler 2 to compliment it and provide some rhythmic contrast. One of the issues I have is finding a power supply that would work for multiple Volcas. Just not sold on the cost of the Korg adaptor, especially when I would have to buy two. Wondering if you bought the official adaptor or if you are just running off batteries?


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