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Indieweb Post Kinds actually does a few different things. It creates a taxonomy to classify posts, similar to the old post formats options. This just allows for automatic creation of archives. I also use the selector to change the interface, but this could be done differently. It also uses Parse This to create rich embeds of linked content. But it adds the microformats for different types of Indieweb posts outside of the traditional content block using WordPress filters. That is something I never particularly liked, and wouldn’t mind replacing with something integrated into content.

I have long been intrigued by this David, so thank you for sharing. I have tinkered with blocks in my long form site, but still see it as overkill most things.

For my two cents worth, I really like the idea of integrating the response box into the content.

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Unfortunately I’ve been struggling with the plugin for quite some time, something that struck me again when I reread my archive. At the end of December 2020 I already ran into the same problems that I still have. In May 2021 I once again expressed my frustration in a blog post , and luckily both Ton and Jan were kind enough to steer me towards possible solutions. I know that Ton is now busy (or ready?) to phase out Post Kinds. And this plugin from Jan also offers possibilities.

I am open to alternatives, especially that I would like the Post Kinds information to be included in the body of the post, but with 7000+ posts, I feel like it is even more of a challenge.
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I’ve been using the Post Kinds plugin for a few years on this WordPress site. It allows you to easily style a specific type of posting (a like, bookmark, reply, rsvp, read, check-in etc), it automatically pulls in the relevant information form the posting you’re reacting to, and adds the right m…

Ton, I think that this is something I have been in denial about for a while. I like what Post Kinds provides me, but I have often wondered about what would happen if I decided to walk away from the Post Kinds Plugin or WordPress. I like Manton’s idea of a special export. Definitely left me thinking and realising the limits to my skills.
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Step by step guide that explains what is a site specific WordPress plugin, why you need it, and how you can create a site-specific WordPress plugin.

I have started tinkering with creating my own site specific plugin to capture things like improved search to include custom fields and stripping out emojis from the slug. This was somewhat inspired by Chris Aldrich and his changes to the Post Kinds plugin. I am also assuming that it is required to add additional kinds. Where I am stumped is the actual difference between dumping these changes in a child theme versus a site specific plugin. Aldrich talks about adding this information to wp-config.php. I am therefore wondering if I need to make a wp-config.php file in my site specific plugin and if this is all that is required? At the moment, I have just created a functions.php file and have placed my snippets there.

I am sure I just need to spend some more time down this rabbit hole, but right now I have hit the limit to my knowledge.

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I wasn’t seeing it before, but after upgrading to All in One SEO to 4.0.9 from 3.7ish, the Twitter plugin was throwing in some Twitter card metacrap that was causing a conflict. I’ve turned off the Twitter plugin which shouldn’t affect much since I wasn’t really using much of it’s addition…

Chris, was the Twitter Plugin how you were able to populate multiple tweets in the Post Kinds reply box or have you got a different method?
Filed an Issue Post Kinds (Github)
David, I am having issues with the new version of Post Kinds. Although I am able to publish posts, I am finding that the content is disappearing from the screen in the editor for some posts once published:

A screensho

I am also finding that some links are being stripped from Response Properties when I publish. For example, I tried posting this issue from my site, but it kept removing the Github URL when I press ‘publish’.

Here are the error details provided by WordPress:

WordPress version 5.5.1
Current theme: Collect2016 (version 0.1)
Current plugin: Post Kinds (version 3.4.1)
PHP version 7.2.33


An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 255 of the file /home/readwrit/ Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function format() on string in /home/readwrit/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/readwrit/ divide_datetime(‘2020-09-17T10:1…’)
#1 /home/readwrit/ Kind_Metabox::kind_the_time(‘cite_published’, ‘Published/Relea…’, ‘2020-09-17T10:1…’, ‘published’)
#2 /home/readwrit/ require_once(‘/home/readwrit/...’)
#3 /home/readwrit/ require_once(‘/home/readwrit/...’)
#4 /home/readwrit/ load_template(‘/home/readwrit/…’)

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I use the Post Kinds plugin to streamline the management of the different types of posts I make on my blog, based on the IndieWeb post types list: articles, like this one, are “conventional” blog posts, but I also publish notes (which are analogous to “tweets”), reposts (“shares” of thin…

This is a really interesting idea. One of my itches has been to automate the insertion of emojis into the title of posts. This might help in making sense how I might be able to do it.
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Today I accidentally realized that both the WordPress Micropub server and the Post Kinds plugin support read-status values of “to-read”, “reading”, and “finished”. I’ve managed to tweak my PESOS work flow with to also include these experimental pieces using the following …

I wonder if it would be possible in the future to add a drop-down box in the Post Kinds editor for Reads, similar to the drop-down for RSVP?
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If others have better/faster methods, I’d love to hear them or see them documented. Perhaps one day someone (or maybe even IMDb or Letterboxd) will build a custom Micropub client specifically for watch posts (something akin to Teacup for food/drink or Indiebookclub for reading) that will automatically poll the data related to a film/television title and post it to one’s site?

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In the process, I’ve been looking at tweaking some of the CSS in the Post Kinds Plugin, particularly since I’m using it so heavily for a lot of my content. One of the small things I’ve wanted to do was to make what I can only call the pseudo-titles of the bookmarks, reads, etc. slightly larger to bring more attention to the titles and authors of those parts.

To do it, I’ve added the following couple of lines to my child theme’s style.css file:

/* Changes the font size on the titles of Kinds */
section.response > header {
  font-size: 20px;
I really like the Kinds plugin, but should look into some of these possibilities.
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:synth: !!! working on adding custom emoji to my wordpress site… if I type `:synth:` it should be converted into a little image of a synthesizer, like this: :synth: (hopefully it works). What happens if this also gets posted to my Pleroma instance?

This is something that I would love to add to my site. Instead of pasting in the emoji I could write :thump_up: and it would translate. In part I have never really had the time to dig in. Did you add something to your child theme?
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In the latest episode of An Indieweb Podcast, Chris Aldrich joined me for a late night(for me at least) discussion of Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor, and the usual project talk. I felt I was a bit off due the lateness of the hour, but I still enjoyed the conversation.

Another great podcast with yourself and Chris. I am slowly understanding post kinds and how the plugin works. Is the recording of the data outside of the post the reason that the information does not show up within the site search? I have a tendency to include quotes in the quote/summary box, but have trouble surfacing these after the fact. My habit with Diigo was to search quotes and posts. I am guessing the answer might be to include these quotes within the body of the text?
Filed an Issue dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds (GitHub)

adds support for responding to and interacting with other sites using the standards developed by the Indieweb Community – dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds

I have found a few quirks with the new release. One thing is that when I try and publish a ‘Like’ using URL Forwarder it populates the title but does not include the link.

I will continue testing and try to make note of any consistencies.

Filed an Issue Consider storing citations as a custom post type, · Issue #226 · dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds (GitHub)

This would be a citation implementation similar to the old links manager, but hidden as all of the entries would be tied to posts

I assume that this relates to my question about easily extracting a summary of post data?
Filed an Issue (GitHub)

WordPress Plugin for Exporting Post Data as CSV. Contribute to cogdog/wp-posts2csv development by creating an account on GitHub.

I wonder about the addition of ‘Post Kinds‘ to the information downloaded. As this is probably a little niche, might be more of a fork.
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Yesterday after discovering it on Xavier Roy’s site I was reminded that the Post Kinds Plugin is built on a custom taxonomy and, as a result, has the ability to output its taxonomy in typical WordPress Tag Cloud widget.

Bookmarked Gutenberg support · Issue #190 · dshanske/indieweb-post-kinds (GitHub)

I’m wondering about your plans for Gutenberg. Will you release something for wp beta or do you start active development after the public release of WordPress 5.0?

This is a useful thread in regards to the integration of Post Kinds with Gutenberg, the new editor for WordPress.