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Replied to My Ratio of Signal to Noise | Dr. Ian O’Byrne (Dr. Ian O’Byrne | Literacy, technology, and education)

I’ve experimented with some IndieWeb philosophies and tools on this site, but mostly on my breadcrumbs website. I love the IndieWeb philosophy of owning your own platforms and believe in using these philosophies to show your work. The problem is that my social network exhaust and the links, short posts, and content that I shared on my breadcrumbs website was…well…exhausting.

I really enjoyed your assessment of where you are currently at. I have wondered lately about my commitment to capturing my breadcrumbs lately and can really relate to your point about it being exhausting. I wonder if something like Roam is any less exhausting? I am left thinking that with so many of these various approaches, collecting the dots and ideas is just hard work?

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  1. Hi Aaron,
    I do hope you do not get too exhausted. I find you breadcrumb trail useful and interesting. In some ways breadcrumbs are a more productive vein to mine than piles of full articles or loafs.

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