💬 I miss the conversations that used to happen on blogs

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Twitter conversations are fun, but the richness isn’t there like it is in a longer format blog post and follow up conversation in the comments. Facebook seems to invite compliments like, ‘thanks for sharing’ or ‘I really enjoyed this’, but seldom anything deeper as an add-on to a shared post. LinkedIn seems to have the better conversations coming from blog posts, but they get lost in the stream as opposed to being curated with the blog post.

Thank you for the shout-out David. Read Write Curate was my first attempt at owning my own presence online using Known. However, I have since moved to Read Write Collect and WordPress.

One of the things that I have found useful is recording comments on my own site. For sites that use Webmentions, comments are automagically notified, however for others – like your own – I copy and paste the content. These reply posts add another dot to join together, to link to and build upon.

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