💬 How to Conduct a Study & Write a Paper in 10 Days

Replied to How to Conduct a Study & Write a Paper in 10 Days (Reflecting Allowed)

First of all, the answer to this should be NEVER. NEVER EVER DO THIS. Especially if you’re not in a context where you’re fully immersed in it, but actually just got back from a long trip, are starting a new semester, and your kid is starting the school year. Definitely not a good idea.

But I did it. For reasons that make no sense to anyone but myself. I decided to submit a proposal to a CfP on my own rather than with a partner, submitted it slightly late but it got accepted, the I discovered the extremely tight deadline, then submitted to IRB here for ethical approval, and that took time despite their willingness… because… summer. Then I basically had 10 days to deadline.

Although not an ideal scenario Maha, I like how this experience concisely breaks down the process associated with writing a paper. Thank you.

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