๐Ÿ’ฌ Elderblog Sutra: 11 – angkorwatification

Replied to Elderblog Sutra: 11 – angkorwatification (ribbonfarm.com)

Applied to a blog, angkorwatification is a sort of textual equivalent of rewilding. You have a base layer of traditional blog posts that is essentially complete in the sense of having created, over time, an idea space with a clear identity, and a more or less deliberately conceived architecture to it. And you have a secondary organic growth layer that is patiently but relentlessly rewilding the first, inorganic one. That second layer also emerges from the mind of the blogger of course, but does so via surrender to brain entropy rather than via writerly intentions disciplining the flow of words. Iโ€™ve seen some other old sites undergo angkorwatification. Some seem to happily surrender to it like I am doing, others seem to fight it, like I wonโ€™t.

I really like this idea of ‘angkorwatification’ Venkatesh. I spent years carving out longer elaborations. However, in recent times, I have taken to engaging in ideas and curating my bit of the web. For me, this is another example of developing a blog and how our intent emerges in time.

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