Replied to The Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge by Clint Lalonde (EdTech Factotum)
In October I am going to try to participate in the Ontario Extend 9x9x25 blogging challenge – 9 posts over 9 weeks each post at least 25 sentences long reflecting on teaching & learning.
As blogging habits go, I think that this is one of the more achievable Clint. I might join you as I feel my blog has been pretty quiet of late.
Replied to Experimenting with turning on comments for a week (Doug Belshaw's Thought Shrapnel)
Hello Thought Shrapnel readers! Some of you have asked over the last few months why the ability to comment on posts is switched off here. Well, that’s mainly because I noticed a general downw…
I agree with John in the hope that the quality of replies from webmentions might be better. My concern with comments is that we are stuck in the past with what constitutes a ‘comment’. The only way to improve that is to write our own future one comment at a time.
Replied to Where Will the Current State of Blogging and Social Media Take Us? by Jacky AlcinéJacky Alciné (
This (oddly) has me returning to my terminal writing this post. It took me some time to write this post but the idea of it has been lurking since June. It’s possibly me slowly but surely being to write off Jekyll and beginning to move into either a home-grown solution or using something else. I don’t know yet. I don’t think one usually does; especially when it comes to moving. You don’t know what kind of memories you end up actually making when you move in somewhere.
Interesting reflections Jacky. I wonder where social media, silos and the IndieWeb will win five years? What APIs will be available? What will be the dominant platforms? How will Micropub clients change things, especially on mobile devices? What will comments look like in five years? So many question to ponder and itch.
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Starting a blog for the first time can be a nerve-wrecking experience. There’s a lot of excitement, but at the same time there’s a fear of unknown. You want to do everything the RIGHT way and avoid all major pitfalls, so your blog can be successful. In our 12+ years of blogging, we have made countless mistakes and learnt from them. Over the last decade, our blogs have received well over a billion pageviews. In today’s article, we will share the “expert tips” that we wish we knew before starting our first blog.
Bookmarked Blogging at Scale with Google Sheets (bavatuesdays)
Jim Groom and Tim Owens speak with John Stewart about the use of Google Sheets as a kind of WordPress Multisite stand-in wherein Google manages scaling the infrastructure for you. Stewart has also unpacked the benefits of blogging via Sheets, as well as the code associated with the project. This continues his use of Sheets (see Collector) to create agile solutions.
Liked How Can We Improve Professional Inquiry? by Thomas Guskey (Education Week - Peter DeWitt's Finding Common Ground)

Many educators begin the inquiry process with a Google search that identifies every blog ever posted by anyone who ever formed an opinion on the topic. Some may restrict their Google search to "Scholarly articles on ...," but that's relatively rare.
Others bypass the Google search and start the inquiry process by posting their question on Facebook or on Twitter chats where they receive a myriad of responses from individuals whose firmly held opinions may or may not be based on verifiable evidence. Occasionally Facebook and Twitter chat responders preface their comments with "In my opinion ... or "I believe ..., but their authoritative tone gives the impression their opinions or beliefs are indisputable truths.