💬 Done with Syndication

Replied to I’m done with syndication. Let’s help people be themselves on the web. by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller (Ben Werdmüller)
POSSE requires participation from the networks. I think it might be more effective to move all the value away: publish on your own site, and use independent readers like Woodwind or Newsblur to consume content. Forget using social networks as the conduit. Let’s go full indie.
Ben, ever since taking the dive into the #IndieWeb, I have wondered what a ‘full indie’ experience might look like. When I think of McLuhan’s ‘Law of Media’ I think #IndieWeb:

  • AMPLIFIES: control of content
  • REVERSES: ease of use
  • REVIVES: community and connections from the early blogging days
  • ELIMINATES: dependency of platforms capitalism

I must admit that I am yet to dig into things like Woodwind or Aaron Parecki’s IndieWeb Reader. Personally, if people cannot be bothered following my blog, I have a monthly newsletter which summarises various links and posts. I also like Adam Procter’s initiative of a weekly summary you can subscribe to.

I guess the question is what steps need to occur for a ‘full indieweb’ experience? Process? Applications?

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