๐Ÿ“‘ There Are Two Ways to Read – One Is Useless

Bookmarked There Are Two Ways to Read – One Is Useless โ€“ Zat Rana โ€“ Medium by Zat Rana (Medium)

Right, wrong, and the value of reading.

According to Zat Rana, reading is not about being right or wrong, but rather about being open new ideas and lessons.

The only filter worth having is the one that distinguishes between what is relevant and what is not; what matters and what doesnโ€™t.

When you filter by right or wrong, not only are you trying to paint a whole with the smaller component of its parts, but youโ€™re also limiting what you understand. Who is to say that there isnโ€™t a lesson in what is wrong? Or more importantly, who is to say that what you assume to be right or wrong is just a current bias that, one day, you will come to readjust?

Any time I reread a book that has been important to me in the past, I always come back with new lessons. Most books contain more than one idea, and they say different things in different places.source

The challenge is to be open to the opportunity to be moved.

Every word, every sentence, and every paragraph of a good piece of writing has the potential to teach you something. That doesnโ€™t mean that you shouldnโ€™t be selective about what you read or that you canโ€™t give up on something that isnโ€™t speaking to you. What it means is that for something to move you, you have to be ready to be moved.source

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