Replied to Embracing Type II fun For Teachers (Joel Speranza)

With the incredibly rapid move to online learning teachers have scrambled. FAST. Itโ€™s been tough, itโ€™s been stressful, thereโ€™s been quite a few late nights. And in the process weโ€™ve all got a little taste of what mountain climbers call TYPE II fun.

Joel, your discussion of fun has me thinking about Seymour Papert’s idea of hard fun.

It is expressed in many different ways, all of which all boil down to the conclusion that everyone likes hard challenging things to do. But they have to be the right things matched to the individual and to the culture of the times. These rapidly changing times challenge educators to find areas of work that are hard in the right way: they must connect with the kids and also with the areas of knowledge, skills and (don’t let us forget) ethic adults will need for the future world.

Thinking about such ‘fun’ is it fair to say there is always a level of agency and autonomy involved. The choice to use Kahoot! or the choice to run a marathon. I wonder what opportunities can be provided for students at the moment to engage in Type II fun?

On a side note, your discussion of fear and fun reminded me of Kevin Parker discussing his intent to put himself in challenging situations.