💬 (Frag)mentioning Aldrich’s Text

Replied to Fragmentions for Better Highlighting and Direct References on the Web by Chris Aldrich (Boffosocko)

Fragmention is a portmanteau word made up of fragment and mention (or even Webmention), but in more technical terms, it’s a simple way of creating a URL that not only targets a particular page on the internet, but allows you to target a specific sub-section of that page whether it’s a photo, paragraph, a few words, or even specific HTML elements like

or on such a page. In short, it’s like a permalink to content within a web page instead of just the page itself.

Another fantastic post Chris. I love the notion of mentioning a specific part of the text and find it particular useful to link back to sections from my longer posts or parts of my newsletters.

I find it interesting to consider alongside Hypothesis and wonder what the different use cases are?

I have added the plugin, but found the documentation associated with Kartik Prabhu’s additional code confusing, so left it. Is this what Khurt was referring to?

I look forward to seeing where all this grows?


P.S. I thought that Flickr sent webmentions (as it is attached to Bridgy), however I was clearly wrong. Sorry.

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