🎧 The GIF as Visual Communication Tool (Future Tense)

Bookmarked The GIF as an increasingly important visual communication tool (Radio National)

The GIF, this little looped video, is often misunderstood as a component of modern communication.

Antony Funnell leads a discussion into the place of GIFs in modern communication. This includes contributions from:

  • Gretchen McCulloch – Montreal-based Internet linguist – on the role of visual information.
  • David McIntosh – CEO and co-founder, Tenor (formerly Riffsy) – on the possibility of a Gif keyboard

  • Dr Tim Highfield – Research Fellow, Digital Media Research Centre, QUT – on the curtural dimensions.

  • Cheney Brew – Trove Digital Communications Officer, National Library of Australia on the GIF IT UP competition

I have written about GIFs before, even created a collection of GIFs for my colleagues on leaving my old organisation. However, this podcast provides some of the background to them.

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