📑 An American (Chromebook) Crisis

Bookmarked An American Chromebook Crisis: new report shows sad trends of how students are using the devices by Andy Losik (andylosik.blogspot.com.au)

When the technological investment in five million learners is being primarily spent playing games with questionable educational benefit, taking low level assessments, and watching YouTube then we have an edtech crisis on our hands. We can have “certified this” and “distinguished that” honors in our email signatures and be “ambassadors” for a thousand apps and sites but this report shows us the grim reality of how devices are really being used.

Andy Losik provides a summary of the Go Guardian 2018 Benchmark Report: An analysis of emerging trends in Chromebook usage. He highlights his concern about what time is being spent on:

A huge amount of Chromebook use is being spent on educationally questionable video games, low level assessments, and YouTube

I think that this all highlights another point, the influence of outside influences on education. Whether it be Go Guardian, Kahoot! or Texthelp, every company is now a data company – a point Genevieve Bell makes. The concern is whose data? I wonder where such collections will sit with the changes associated with GDPR.

N.B. Don’t tell Stager!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my original post Aaron. Great point about all of the data collection from companies we don’t naturally think of as data companies.

    ….and yes, nobody had better tell Gary Stager.

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