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When Google Reader kicked the bucket I used Fever for awhile but had concerns when the developer decided to stop focusing on it and looked around for an alternative. There are several hosted services out there like Feedly and NewsBlur that seem nice, but I liked the idea of something

I like the idea of writing notes within the application and publishing these. I feel that this is what is trying to be achieved with the micropub feed reader revolution. Personally, I have taken to this with my second blog designed to replace social bookmarking, such as Diigo. Although it is not as simply as Tiny, I like the ability to craft each post. I also like the nuance of Post Kinds.

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  1. Tim Owens says:

    It’s definitely a fairly fluid action since I can assign keystrokes to it as I’m moving through my feed. I like that it feels like a lowkey way to comment on something that might not warrant a blog post all on its own. I imagine I could also setup the links site to tweet out with a new item easily. I’ve never been much of a bookmark person having tried many different ways at that and always forgetting them. I don’t imagine this scales to the level of bookmarks in that sense as there are likely better ways at it (and I like your approach!) but as a basic collection of the interesting stuff I find on the web it seems to work

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